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  1. On one hand, it is good that people start to realize that they can be held responsible for what they say online, but 6 years is really insane. I don't know how that judge can sleep at night.
  2. I have some interesting goals, but suspect they are much different from everyone else: 1. Don't let RS interfere with my real life 2. Use RS as an incentive to help me adopt good habits (I have difficulty with punctuality, so currently the time I actively spend on RS is linked to my getting out the door earlier for work. I am still late alot though, but it seems to help). 3. Use RS to help me when I need to de-stress. 4. AKF train to over 100+ Combat and 70+ Range (anything over that is just bonus to me) 5. Do as little other skills and quests and possible. Especially no mining (on my RS3 account I have 85 mining, and I got it the hard way back in 2004) 6. Encourage others not to waste too much of their life on RS, but have a healthy approach to gaming. 7. Whenever the stars happen to align to give me some free time, I would like to attend a WG event or raid/war
  3. Welcome back! I also live in Singapore (not a citizen, but PR)
  4. Welcome back Keanu. Interesting about the haircut for Gene, haha.