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  1. Zoruma

    99 Strength, besides getting a quest cape and base 70s (ish) i have been a hardcore nmz caveman only to emerge to barrage for 99 mage. lmfao i thought "the grind is finally over!" - then realised i need 83 con and probs 99 pray. Then ill probably think the grind is over... and it wont be
  2. Zoruma

    Poor Zybez, think that the osrs wiki has pretty much dominated the market for information and with clients like RL and OSB theres not much need for those golden oldie "tools" we used to use. Still sad to see it go!
  3. Zoruma

    Thanks for all the welcome messages! ill be on discord this Monday coming, and will speak with an app manager - dont worry i havent forgot!
  4. Zoruma

    Thanks LoHow, Glad Its a good application, im going to read some forum content and catch up with whats going on in the CC for tonight. I plan to be on the discord monday and notify an application manager - how do i do this by the way? Hi Mojo! Thanks Looking forward to joining the discord monday coming, hope your on!
  5. Zoruma

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Zoruma What is your current RS name? Zoruma List any previous RS names: None But i do have multiple accounts: Iron zoruma - Regular Iron Sir Vinthyme - Pure What is your total level and combat level? Total Level: 1793 Combat: 123 99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, Mage and Hitpoints 77 Prayer Current goal is 99 prayer, my other stats are mainly from questing or the odd skill requirements. However i did set myself base 70s as a goal (except runecraft) which i have done, next step is getting all skills to one below max raids 1 requirments Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. So i started playing runescape back when i was in primary school about 14 years ago if i had to guess. Back then i achieved nothing but had fun playing with friends and talking for hours about plans to "get good stats" which seems funny now because i thought 60 attack was end game content time. My friends dwindled away from the game and moved to other things. I kept playing for a short time and then eventually stopped. I started playing again when i finished university 2 years ago, i was amazed the game was back, i had no idea! So my first thing was get a quest cape, i dont much care for skilling and questing so i just wanted to blast it out of the way and focus on what i really like - PVM. Unfortunately i havent done much PVM i kind of told myself to get "good stats" but this time i considered that i need 99s to solo things because well, i have one friend who plays and he is iron and doesnt do things for the laugh. So i recently afk'd A LOT of nightmare zone, it was hellish and long winded but... i have finally emerged from the cave with max combat minus the prayer levels (hence my next goal). So now im at a stale mate, funny choice of words, I feel like i need some good friends to show me the ropes, to have fun playing the game and to get into end game content in a way that isnt me on my own soloing forever. Which just about brings us up to date. I will be quite honoured and appreciative if you actually read all that. Tell us about your clan history. I have been part of one clan before, they didnt schedule anything and there was a lot of internal politics. The only active member was not somebody who i would say was easy to get on with, very self centred and aggressive. So i added the one real friend i made in that group to my friends list and waved it goodbye. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Dave im 20 odd, from the uk have been to university for a business and IT degree I work as a business analyst for a software company I play rainbow six siege, osrs and spend time with my fiance I dont listen to much music As far as talents go, ive always been a try real hard and eventually get there kind of person, i cant say ive walked into being good at something. Sometimes people compliment my memory but i would say its subjective not a consistent talent Dislikes, well i guess i like for everybody to be heard, i hate it when I or others cannot have an opinion or make a suggestion. Really though i am patient and relaxed as a person so not much that i strongly "dislike". Also, my current free time is Monday to Thursday evening around 10pm - friday and weekends are with my fiance and i like to play a little siege each day but mainly osrs in the evening. A side note about me :) im talkative with people who talk to me but generally quiet if others are quiet. Dont worry im not a lurker or mute, i just tend to come out of my shell with talkative people more. How did you hear about us? Reddit, made a post and "Lohow" responded to look you up What makes you want to join us? Well, i like your rules and values, i wouldnt want to be a part of a clan that doesnt uphold these sort of morals. I like that you sound very active and have scheduled events. I want to make some friends. I want to learn to play the game and have fun with other people while doing it. I have seen other clans but none of them seem to be as well established and trustworthy as this. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I haven't been involved in anything to be able to come clean. Please note i think i will be able to contact the application manager next Monday because I'm not on at weekends.