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Found 2 results

  1. After one week of raids, thanks to the host Mushroom, I've learned how to raid properly (relatively speaking). Now that I know how each room works, I've decided to give solo raiding a try. Done quite a bit of that over the weekend, and was kinda fun. First solo raid did not go too well. Was using the usual void gear but died plenty of times. The second time around I decided to use normal barrows gear, in hopes to get higher defence bonuses. Went a lot better and only died once. Will probably use this thread as a log or some sort. Pictures of the third and fourth solo raid. Starting to get a little better, but definitely hoping to skip the required suicide for the Olm fight.
  2. Here is the unique drops we've gotten over the raids we have done as a team. Will update this thread when we get more drops. Quick summary: Arcane prayer scroll - 8 Dexterous prayer scroll - 11 Dragon sword - 2 Dragon thrownaxe - 1 Dragon harpoon - 2 Dragonhunter crossbow -1 Dragon claws - 1 Dinh's bulwark - 1 Twisted buckler -1 Ancestral hat - 0 Ancestral robe top - 1 Ancestral robe bottom - 1 Elder maul - 0 Kodai insignia - 1 Twisted bow - 2