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  1. Welcome, more effort would be nice
  2. Meh, dks are too easy. Galvek gave me headache indeed tho.
  3. Finally my rng at dks start to kick in.
  4. 99 range achieved. Thanks for your support and shoutout to those who came to the party.
  5. Just found this, well worth the time:
  6. Slayer makes GP, yours too low. Welcome tho
  7. What you are about to witness are the best rs guide in the history. I swear.
  8. Im going to set small slayer exp goals, in hope of getting 200m one day. Its fun and makes me bank. After i get my range and mage goals, ill be doing 5 tasks a day while working on other skills.
  9. So 1st thing 1st here are my current goals: 99/99 Ranged - Completed 92/94 Mage 17.5m/20m Slayer experience. Hydra claw drop. I'll be updating this thread regularry when i achieve a level or a valuable drop. So make sure you check back here often
  10. Seen you around the cc. Welcome.
  11. Anyone playing/played WoT/WoT blitz? What do yall think of the game? Its pretty fun, especially knowing that tanks ingame were used during WW2. Devs even followed the exact same armoring/weaponry as the real life ones.
  12. Hm, what a beatiful question. Heres my list: NES - Battletoads, hands down the best platformer. Zelda without map nor english knowledge was a nightmare. And as a russian, we did not have the original NES everyone else had. We had dendy, a horrible chinese clne, with fked up games. Maybe @Adult Cat Would recall. SEGA - Comix Zone, just love this game. PS1 - Gran Turizmo amazed me back then. Gta 3 was the 1st gta i ever played. PC - 1st pc game i ever played was diablo2. God how many hours me and my friends wasted playing d2 on battle.net. Then came Scape.
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