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  1. Ruax

    99 Range and Mage

    Funny you should mention that! I do actually plan on going pking with you guys. I’m very excited to learn.
  2. This week I made a lot of progress for my account. I finished 99 Range and Mage through the MM2 tunnels. I also got the Elite void set prior to finishing Ranged for ToB On top of this I figured I'd tell you guys a quick AWFUL story of doing regicide for the first time this week in order to get my elite void set. So I was finished with 99% of the quest, literally all I had to do was pass the last leaf trap and talk to iowerth to turn in for quest completion. I brought 9 anglerfish with me to make sure I had enough food...... I failed the trap 11 freaking times in a row for 15 damage each. I had run out of food and really didn't feel like going back. There is a delivery CC that will bring you food or whatever you want them to. So I asked for someone to bring me some food. Some guy tele'd and brought me tons of sharks. He said when you do the trap click the farthest side and you can climb up even if you fail. We talked for a few minutes just BSing and I got from 2 to 11 hp in that time. I had completely forgotten my HP level and I was like well thanks dude! and I clicked the trap....... I died..... I felt like the biggest idiot of all time. So I get back about 15 minutes later to the trap tons of food ready to go. I have to fail the trap to retrieve my stuff from below..... I succeeded the trap... 8 freaking times!!!!! I couldn't even fail again! I finally fail once and realize you can't telegrab the items you have to be RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM. So I had to figure out how I could fail directly on top of the place I died before. FeelsBadMan. Did end up getting my stuff though....
  3. Personally I enjoy doing as much bossing when doing slayer as possible. Vorkath for blue drags, Grotesque for gargoyles and so on. Otherwise, I camped vorkath for a while and I would say he's probably my favorite boss to fight.
  4. Ruax


    My beautiful fat sphynx
  5. PSN: NibbStra Steam: NibbStra Other games I play: Smite, Risk of Rain 2, Anthem, Smash, and anything Pokemon.
  6. I had to read this about 4 times over, but now that I think I've got it. Welcome lol
  7. Ruax

    [Accepted] Ruax

    I appreciate all the welcomes! I was pretty nervous writing out my confessions here. I was saying in Discord yesterday that I felt like I just went to Catholic confession lol..
  8. Ruax

    [Accepted] Ruax

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Ruax What is your current RS name? Ruax List any previous RS names: OSRS: Ruax > Honestly I don't know any other names I've used for this account... Sorry Ruas > Schaum, Treko29, NibbStra RS3: Ruac > Haven't played this account much, and like Ruax I don't know alternate names really... Sorry... What is your total level and combat level? Total Level: 1626 Combat level: 113.375 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I'm generally a casual player. Low experience pking, mostly just PvM. I love bossing. In particular, I've recently found that I enjoy Vorkath quite a lot. I have gone bossing with lots of friends. I enjoy Raids 1 a lot, even with my low experience. I am incredibly lucky at skill specs giveaways and will always enter them. I have won multiple multiple multiple times on stream. 3rd age pieces, SS (time period before GE was released into OSRS so it was worth something). Tell us about your clan history. I've only been in one clan, which was some time ago. It was called unbound cc. Raided with them a few times, but the clan is gone. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Josh. I'm 22 years old, and I live in the USA. I work full time as an assistant manager in a retail store. My hobbies include riding my motorcycle, obviously playing runescape, and many small weird things like pen-spinning and locksport (I always say my biggest hobby is collecting small hobbies). I listen to a very wide variety of music, but don't bring country near me PLEASE. Yuck. How did you hear about us? Runescape Clan Forums What makes you want to join us? I want to join a large clan with structure. I don't have leader-like ambition, so I respect a clan that has that hierarchy in place and keeps things running smooth. I'm not looking for anything more than to make friends and make GP with buddies. I've always been interested in PKing, but I'm honestly terrible. Maybe I'd even pick up some skill in that area, if teaching is a common thing for PKing. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: A long time ago I did a LOT of things I'm not proud of. I will list ALL of my previous offences without filter. I understand the magnitude of my actions and I COMPLETELY understand not being accepted into the clan with my priors. - I botted a lot. My most recent botting experience was around at the end of 2017 on OSRS. I made an account and set it to bot Wintertodt. I have emails showing my involvement and time frame to prove it. This account has since been banned, and I genuinely do not know the account name. If this is brought up to me for more info I will do my best to find it. Other than that I only ever botted one account for RSGP gains. I mostly hate skilling and honestly took the "easy route" for advancing skills. The account that botted for RSGP gain is Ruas, which was in the RS2 era at pure essence. I received an account roll back for that offence. - Scamming/Gambling - I was a host of a small CC I owned under the name Schaum (previous name of Ruas.) Mostly doing flower poker I was not a legitimate host at the time and generally scammed eventually if I was to stand a large loss. I got what I deserved later when I was lured by Framed on video for 550m in RS2 (this was a lot to me at the time). - RWT - This goes in hand with the scamming/gambling as I traded the gold and bought gold during that time. At the beginning of OSRS I also purchased gold to give myself a very sizable head start. This is the one that I'm the least proud of... Phishing/RATting - Yes... I had a Phising/RATting setup going.. I had a fake IP grabber made in VBS with a FUD crypter I purchased and a custom purchased RAT.... I did this during the same time I was a host for RS2 during the flower poker days. I also had a time I Phished on OSRS. I have an offence on Ruax for spamming the link to that. This offence was the 19th of October 2014. I will show offence for this if asked to prove time period. WOW... A lot of dirty laundry... There is absolutely no excuse for this, however I will provide information on my mindset. I was a very spoiled lazy person. I didn't have a job, and lived in my mom's house after dropping out of High School. I had no ambitions and no moral code whatsoever. I did lots of non-rs related things I'm not proud of but I don't believe that to be relevant to this question specifically. I was motivated by videos produced by Framed (ironic) and other lurers/scammers to get GP the "easy way". From even my last botting incident to now I have changed a lot in life. My job now is very demanding as I work in one of the top 20 busiest stores in my company. I am 22 and next in line to take my own store. I've worked hard and continue to progress. Again as I said above this is 100% unfiltered and everything I've done. If I omitted anything it was purely out of not remembering but if I were presented with something I would own up to it if it was factual. I apologize deeply to anyone I affected and I do truly hope to receive a chance to move on from my past, but never to forget it.
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