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  1. Jon Uchiha

    hey buddy and welcome GL:D
  2. Jon Uchiha

    sweet app hope to see you around goodluck
  3. Jon Uchiha

    nice welcome m8!
  4. Jon Uchiha

    aw nice this clan you should enjoy! welcome
  5. Jon Uchiha

    welcome welcome!
  6. Jon Uchiha

    welcome pal! good stuff here
  7. Jon Uchiha

  8. Jon Uchiha

    what about the rules do you not like...
  9. Jon Uchiha

    welcome to WG, hope you get in and see you around soon!,
  10. Jon Uchiha

    very nice character build, welcome and GL
  11. Jon Uchiha

    welcome, hopefully see you around game sometime in the near coming future, gl:D
  12. Jon Uchiha

    i'd consider you a vet also;), knowledge is power certainly, good luck thanks for posting the application
  13. Jon Uchiha

    welcome to the team pal, goodluck thanks for taking the time to post the application,:D
  14. Jon Uchiha

    nice work you've put in there, good luck, and take care hope to see you around
  15. Jon Uchiha

    Welcome, thanks for the application, best of luck from WG:D