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  1. Thanks! and thanks for the advice i'm just questing to fuck rn and seeing where that gets me haha
  2. i don't have it i just saw it somewhere in a comment, sorry
  3. Thanks guys! so i have to have pretty much max combo stats to apply right?
  4. KillingMoon Tell us about yourself. I'm 22 year old girl from United Kingdom and i've been playing runescape roughly on and off for around 15 yrs now (crazy i know) I like memes, dogs, really bad movies and playing games whether it be xbox, ps4 or computer. I've recently came back to play Rs because I dropped out of uni and I signed with a modelling agency for part time work, however, it can get boring whenever i'm not working. Sadly i discovered that the game isn't the same anymore therefore i have switched to osrs (which is way better anyway) but it also means i have to start my account all over again so i'm only level 37 at the moment. When playing rs i mainly skill and do some pvm, i'd really like to start doing more pvp though and learn the best way to do it. My account on rs2 was level 130 so it sucks im having to start over again but i'm hoping it's gonna fun anyway. Clan history. many clans which i cannot for the life of me remember the names of, sorry. How did you hear about us? reddit Do you plan to join? yes Any last comments? always salt your pasta before boiling kids.
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