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  1. Rut469

    So some older members of WG will probably remember me, but a couple of months ago I decided to quit runescape. I had quit because I wasn't really motivated to play anymore and was going throught a break up which didn't really help getting me to play more of RS. Luckily I'm doing a lot better now and since of yesterday "kinda" started playing again. Decided to do some Vorkath since i had a blue dragon task. Well with only 159Kc i got a little welcome back present Anyway, I don't know how active I will be, so I'm not really thinking about joining again just yet because it won't be fair to other people looking to join who are far more active than me. But you'll probably be seeing my face around more often again Hope you guys & the little ones are doing well and can't wait to catch up a bit with the lads See you guys around!
  2. Rut469

  3. Rut469

    dammnnnn Congratz!
  4. Rut469

    I'm sad to inform you all that Winston (My hamster), has died yesterday's evening. He was really weak for a month so it was kind of a waiting game of when it would happen.
  5. Rut469

    happy birthdayyy
  6. Rut469

    This little guy is Winston, Almost getting to the 2 year mark! Also my two cats, Rosie & Duvel
  7. Rut469

    Looking goood, gl dude!
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    Nice dude! Inferno next?
  11. Rut469

    You helped me get a torso