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  1. Rut469

    Good shit Husk!
  2. Rut469

    I mostly do full body workout since i can't go to the gym everyday. Got 1 PR which i'm most proud of is a 140 Kg deadlift (I'm 75 kg myself) (Got it on vid but the lift was a bit dirty since it was my first time doing it aswell. but I want to get another one shot with better form) And most of the time i just listen to Sabaton, Three days grace, Good Charlotte and lastly Witt Lowry for the feel rap.
  3. Rut469

    dayummmm huge kc
  4. Rut469

    who's this kid?
  5. Rut469

    we be trying
  6. Rut469

    Finally got some decent pictures where I'm not totally trashed faced after or while drinking (Me in the back) (Weird flex but ok)
  7. The whole outfit i'm going for is green lmao
  8. Rut469

    Best of luck dude!
  9. Rut469

    Gzzz, still need to get mine
  10. Rut469

    Fucking amazing dude (do mine)
  11. Rut469

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Rut469

    Gz dudeee! Hoping to get the pet aswell someday, only at 560 kc or something myself so probably gonna take a while
  13. I'm not married, but from what i've heard is that almost everyone has cold feet! But bro when you see here in that dress and shit you'll be the happiest man alive Congratzz and have fun