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  1. Rut469

    Gz dudeee! Hoping to get the pet aswell someday, only at 560 kc or something myself so probably gonna take a while
  2. I'm not married, but from what i've heard is that almost everyone has cold feet! But bro when you see here in that dress and shit you'll be the happiest man alive Congratzz and have fun
  3. Rut469

    gz papa
  4. Rut469

    Wesleeeey! Welcome dude!
  5. Rut469

    Welcome bud!
  6. Rut469

    It ain't much if it ain't dutch! Welcome dude
  7. Rut469

    @jeranius good to see you on the forums dude!
  8. Rut469

    atleast it's not a farming pet, am i right? Gzz!
  9. Rut469

    Happy new year!
  10. I still have 3 totems, gonna try my luck aswell
  11. Looking good guys Irl goals: Bettering my physique Fighting one MMA match or 1 grappling tournament Less drinking Doing better at school RS goals: Smiting a +1 Getting some combat 99's PoH finished Working towards elite diaries
  12. Rut469

    i would like myself some cat
  13. I have a school reunion in a month, I'm going just to catch up with people i haven't seen a couple of years etc