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  1. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Hmmsterrr What is your current RS name? Hmmsterrr List any previous RS names: - What is your total level and combat level? 1544, 89 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Runescape was a big thing when I was a child. I heard people talking about it in elementary school, and obviously wanted to try out this cool new thing everyone was talking about. Of course, I had dial-up internet at home and a computer that couldn't even load the Runescape website, so I obviously couldn't play the game there. I often went to the public library after school to play though. Being the courteous young child I was, this consisted of playing for about 15 minutes until someone came in to do things like check their emails, pay bills online and such, while I patiently waited until they left so I could resume playing. I got to maybe 300 total level, and since I had no patience whatsoever my progress was more inefficient than you could ever imagine. I'm talking mining 28 iron ore outside of Varrock, running to the west bank, trying to sell them for ten minutes before running back and mining some more. I was extatic when I was finally able to wield mithril armor. Debit cards weren't really a thing where I grew up, and me wanting to become a member in Runescape wasn't a compelling argument for my parents to get one, so I slowly made progress f2p. Fifteen minutes at a time, two times a week, managing to mine maybe four inventories of iron in a lucky day. I heard people talking about members skills though, and it sounded amazing. I eventually quit playing (cmon, the Grand Exchange OBVIOUSLY ruined the game, and free trade being removed was possibly the worst thing to happen in this history of humanity, nay, the universe.) I heard about OSRS launching around 2012. I was extremely sceptical, considering I still had a sour taste in my mouth regarding the Grand Exchange, and I felt 2007 was in the middle of the downfall of Runescape, and in no way "old school". I didn't pay much attention to it for years, until December last year. There was an offer for free membership (you all know from where, I hate making free advertisements for services), and I decided to try it out for once. I made an account on December 8th 2019, and started wandering around, figuring out what to do. I chopped a few logs, then a few more...and then a few more, before I got the notification that I could now chop Maple Logs. This was what I had fantasised about 13 years ago, I could now do a members activity! (apparently maple trees are available to f2p people now though, I didn't know that). I googled where I could find some, ran to Varrock, and asked random people if I could get a Camelot teleport. Being in a members area, I felt all opportunities open to me. I could buy a knife, fletch those logs I chopped, pick flax, string them, and do everything that the cool kids do. I spent the next three days fletching maybe 16 hours a day. This gave me a lot of starting cash to continue my journey. I trained some magic until I could use Superheat Item, superheated some ore, made it into arrowtips, and fletched those too. It was all just so convenient. Earning XP in several skills at the same time is great. I hate fishing, and Barbarian Fishing feels really bad since I'm strapped for cash and it's 0 profit. Growing Jute, making drift nets, and fishing with them actually makes profit AND gives XP in several skills at once. It's like a dream come true. I eventually got my hunter up until I could hunt Chins, which felt really great. That was so easy profit, with amazing XP to boot. I really like the hunter skill, which apparently is uncommon ( I looked myself up on the hiscores and my highest rank is hunter, which surprised me a lot) I also like slayer a lot, since it's another skill that gives XP in several skills at once. The one skill that I'm most 'proud' of having right now is 75 slayer, so I honestly thought that that would be my highest ranked skill. Also, I just got my magic level up to the point where I could ice burst things, and I absolutely love using that spell. It might be because it's so new to me, but I'd say that ice bursting Dust Devils is my favourite activity right now. My goal from very early on was to get the quest cape, so my skilling has been pretty focused on meeting quest requirements. To keep it short; right now - when I'm poor, I prefer skills that actually make profit. Trying to cast Spin Flax as efficiently as possible with 400apm makes me jealous of people who can just buy dragonhides and chill for faster XP. Tell us about your clan history. - Tell us about your yourself. My name's Alexander. I'm a 23 y/o maths student currently living in Sweden. I honestly don't have any hobbies, I mostly just study, sit at home on my computer, or go out to bars and....drink coca cola? I don't know how 'family friendly' this clan is, haha. I read a lot of books. A friend once asked me how many books I've read while we were chatting in a bar, followed by the comment "you seem like you've read like a thousand books". I pretty much just nodded slightly, boooks are great. I love karaoke. When me and my friends have drank enough coca cola and I've bought us all some shots of ginger juice I usually manage to force them up on stage to sing with me. They always say they can't sing, so I just make up for it by picking a terrible song. My taste in music is....odd? I mainly only care anout lyrics, which is why i listen to a lot of 80's indie political songs. The non-mainstream Eminem songs are also great (I'm not a hipster, it's just a fact that you need some catchy tunes instead of just a 4 second beat over and over again that you talk over to make a song people will play in clubs) - I like the fact that he calls out the outburst of mumble rap too, since that's pretty much the opposite of music focused on lyrics. There's one exception to this, and that's the one and only T Swizzle. P.S: I genuninely, deeply hate and cringe when people say "times" in the context of "so that's 20 minutes and 400k gold, so if you times that by three you get 1.2m gold per hour". I felt dirty just writing that. How did you hear about us? I googled around for some general help with pvp, and the CC came up in a Reddit thread What makes you want to join us? I joined the CC as soon as I read the Reddit comment, asked a few questions, and got a lot of responses right away. I was some random person who just strolled into your clan chat, asked questions, and was not only greeted nicely, but was offered time out of people's day to help me. I've played WoW hardcore, raiding 20 hours/week, being in a guild where everyone hated someone else, just because there are so few people good enough to actually push world ranks. At this point in my life, a friendly, helpful community is genuinely everything I want. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: OK, I'm sorry, when I wrote "coca cola" I actually meant alcohol, and when I wrote "ginger juice" I actually meant minttu. I also think saying "git gud" is a legitimately funny thing to say to someone struggling with a task ingame.
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