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  1. Rules, Requirements and What To Expect Thank you for showing interest in our great clan. Outlined below is everything you need to know about WG. The summary is required reading. It's important to know what to expect before joining. Summary Level Requirements: None Suggested for PvM: 100+ Combat. Suggested for PvP: 110+ Combat with 85+ Ranged and Magic. Since 2003, the Wilderness Guardians have been an honour clan. This means we respect the integrity of the game, we respect others, recognising there is a human behind the screen and we show respect to other clans. All scammers are reported to RuneWatch. We expect a good level of community activity from those joining us. Members should be actively following unread content on these boards as well as using Discord and WG_CC, our Clan Chat. You may not join other PvP clans. If you join other PvP teams or non-PvP clans we will uphold our usual activity standards and carefully track your progress. Upon posting your application you will be asked to wait for 24 hours to allow you to integrate with our community and get to know our members a little better (and vice versa). It is then your responsibility to use the #osrs-app-review channel on Discord. Upon joining you will then have three weeks to graduate to our full member rank. You will receive all the required information when you join. If you've read up to this point feel free to proceed with your application to join our community. Full Rules, Honour Code and Members Rights As follows are the full rules, honour code and members rights of WG. This is strongly suggested reading and regardless of whether you've read it, all rules apply to you. Rules Honour Code A special subset of rules for our PvP events. You are also urged (but not required) to follow our code of honour on your own, outside of clan events. We believe that we must embody the behaviour of the PKing community as we wish to see it. Furthermore, as a clan, we show honour even to those who treat us dishonourably, and we are renowned for our integrity. Members Rights You have certain rights that nobody can take away from you. Despite the rules mentioned above, there are things that a leader cannot restrict. You will have these rights at all times. Member Only Documents Members of WG can refer to our Clan Charter, a document outlining our basic value. The charter is superseded by these rules in cases of conflict. Clan members can also refer to our advice relating to staking, lending and services. These documents are in the spoiler below. For further clarification on these rules, please consult a Leader or Advisor via these forums or Discord.
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