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Community Intro - Hisblore/Echliurn

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Tell us about yourself.

I'm Dave/Bodom, from England, played since 2001 with the odd break depending on what was going on in real life. I started an ironman a few months a year or so ago to break the staking addiction i've had since 2005 and been pretty hooked since.

I play a lot of Xbox and tend to afk RS on the side.


Clan history.  

RS3 - Joined the Devilz in 2004, had a brief stint in The Dynasty after they fell apart and joined Damage Inc mid 2005, til i left late 06 for RoT and then DF, rejoined DI til they closed and then Rejuvenation was the last clan i was in where i took anything serious in the game. I wanted to try WG at some point due to being great friends with Stokenut for most of RS but it never worked out due to my love for the game interfering.

OSRS - Joined Damage Inc at release and stayed there for as long as possible but after RoT gained the lead it just wasnt worthwhile.

Random clanchats since then.



How did you hear about us? Known since you started.

Do you plan to join? I'm trying to work out if Ironmen are accepted, but possibly, i play actively and i'm looking for a community, though i do have a max combat main.


Any last comments?  


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