2019 Anniversary

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The 2019 Anniversary was a celebration of the 16th birthday of the Wilderness Guardians. The celebration primarily took place on December 7, with a special announcement on 6 December.


On 6 December, the actual birthday date, Mojo announced the launch of the wiki as well as posting a birthday tweet [1] and forum topic [2]. The birthday events had been planned over the previous month by the staff teams on both RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape.


Old School RuneScape

Mojo perishes in the Veterans War

The OSRS celebrations consisted of five events and were attended by roughly 30 people. The day started with a Corporeal Beast trip run by the Eventmaster team. This was followed by Mojo taking over to run a flower bombing event, then the Veterans War and a drop party where over 100m was dropped, mainly using Clan Bank donations. To round out the OSRS events,Ghost Sabre hosted a PK trip. Sadly whilst the events were taking place OSRS was lagging badly and Discord suffered a partial outage. This impacted on attendance.

RuneScape 3

The clan sends a birthday message whilst preparing for the Veterans War

The RS3 celebrations took place after the OSRS events and consisted of 3 events: the Veterans War, a drop party and a WildyWyrm event. Over 250m worth of items were dropped in the party room.