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An Eventmaster is a member of the Wilderness Guardians staff team responsible for hosting non-PvP events on Old School RuneScape. Eventmasters report to the cabinet and typically host 2 or more events per week. PvM events are the most common type of events hosted.

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The Eventmasters are in charge of non-PvP. They have a crucial say in the clan's community element, as they have the responsibility of creating events for the fun and enjoyment of members outside the raiding and warring area. Like Warlords, they share the duties of organising and leading the events in order to ensure their success. They also have a key duty of helping to moderation WG communication platforms such as Clan Chat, Discord and Forums.

Eventmasters used to be elected democratically through a voting process or through self-nomination where nominees are chosen by the staff. Latterly, the staff team have taken expressions of interested from members ranked as Honoured Guardian or above then made a decision by staff concensus.

Ranks of the Wilderness Guardians

RuneScape 3

Owner - Deputy Owner - Overseer - Coordinator - Organiser - Admin | General - Captain - Lieutenant - Sergeant - Corporal - Recruit

Old School RuneScape

Leader - Advisor - Head Warlord - Application Manager - Eventmaster - Warlord | Elite Guardian - High Guardian - Honoured Guardian - Guardian - Initiate Guardian | Guildsman