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Initiate Guardian is a rank given to newly accepted members of the Wilderness Guardians on Old School RuneScape. Initiate Guardians must obtain 95 combat in a timely manner then have 3 weeks to gain 10 forum post count, attend 3 events and graduate. Once graduated, Initiate Guardians become Guardians.


To obtain Initiate Guardian an application is first posted. Application Managers review the application and grant Initiate Guardian to any application deemed acceptable. New members are given full access to the private Discord channels and access to private areas of the forums, along with the recruit, or 1 banana, rank in Clan Chat.


To move on from this rank a member must graduate. Graduation serves as both a basic activity check on new members and as a way of teaching new members what being in WG is all about. Graduation is designed to encourage good habits such as attending events and posting on the forums. Historically, WG's graduation process was much tougher. In 2011 it required 30 forum posts and 5 events within one month along with 3 supporters. This was slowly reduced to the current requirements of today. When an Initiate Guardian is ready to graduate, they post a graduation form on the WG forums and Application Managers process this.

Ranks of the Wilderness Guardians

RuneScape 3

Owner - Deputy Owner - Overseer - Coordinator - Organiser - Admin | General - Captain - Lieutenant - Sergeant - Corporal - Recruit

Old School RuneScape

Leader - Advisor - Head Warlord - Application Manager - Eventmaster - Warlord | Elite Guardian - High Guardian - Honoured Guardian - Guardian - Initiate Guardian | Guildsman

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