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Mini Horse
since 11 January 2020

Cabinet of the Wilderness Guardians

Appointed by Leader
Formation 2005
First holder(s) 5 (no record)

The Advisor rank, formerly known as Council, is one of the highest staff positions in the Wilderness Guardians. Advisors are second in command to the Leader.


The Advisors of the clan serve as assistant leaders. Their main role is to assist the Leader in clan duties such as diplomatic relations (wars and alliances), membership applications and graduations, ranks, and so on. A crucial element of the Advisor role is communication with other members, in order to gain a strong awareness of the clan's state (strengths and weaknesses), and to decide on a course of action for growth and improvement.

New Advisors are hand-picked by the current leadership. Some were previously elected democratically through a voting process.

Ranks of the Wilderness Guardians

RuneScape 3

Owner - Deputy Owner - Overseer - Coordinator - Organiser - Admin | General - Captain - Lieutenant - Sergeant - Corporal - Recruit

Old School RuneScape

Leader - Advisor - Head Warlord - Application Manager - Eventmaster - Warlord | Elite Guardian - High Guardian - Honoured Guardian - Guardian - Initiate Guardian | Guildsman