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Head Warlord
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since n/a

Cabinet of the Wilderness Guardians

Appointed by Leader
Formation Unknown
First holder(s) Unknown

The Head Warlord is a senior staff member in charge of all PvP matters within the Wilderness Guardians on Old School RuneScape. They report to the Leader and oversee the rest of the PvP staff which is usually Warlords and Officers.


Head Warlord requires a vast experience of PvP and an excellent understanding of how WG operates. As a result, the rank has often been left empty and the overall PvP direction of the clan left to the cabinet as a whole. The role on OSRS was vacant from 2014 to 2019 before Ghost Sabre was appointed to the role.

The Head Warlord sets the general direction of PvP in WG. They decide things like new Warlords and Officers and decide on the type and amount of PvP which WG does. This means choosing whether to war or PK, whether to fight in F2P or P2P and whether to use the Wilderness, Clan Wars or PvP Worlds. They also help set general standards for gear and work with the whole PvP team to improve the Master Guardian unit.


Head Warlord was formerly simply called Warlord. This was because the current Warlord rank was called Raidmaster or Raid Leader. The Warlord was a Council rank with the main focus of leading the clan in terms of PvP. The Warlord's responsibilities were a combination of the Councils' and Raid Leaders', more specifically focusing on the wars and raids (organisation and leadership). With the introduction of Advisors and Raidmasters/mistresses/Commanders, the rank was removed along with the rest of the Council during The Reckoning in 2011.

Ranks of the Wilderness Guardians

RuneScape 3

Owner - Deputy Owner - Overseer - Coordinator - Organiser - Admin | General - Captain - Lieutenant - Sergeant - Corporal - Recruit

Old School RuneScape

Leader - Advisor - Head Warlord - Application Manager - Eventmaster - Warlord | Elite Guardian - High Guardian - Honoured Guardian - Guardian - Initiate Guardian | Guildsman