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Honoured Guardian is a member rank available within the Wilderness Guardians. It is currently used by the Old School RuneScape part of the clan. To apply for Honoured Guardian, a member must be Guardian rank for a minimum of a month and must have a minimum of 70 post count on the forums. The member must also attend ten events as a Guardian rank and host two events or recruit one person. They must then obtain three vouches from people ranked as Honoured Guardian or above.

Ranks of the Wilderness Guardians

RuneScape 3

Owner - Deputy Owner - Overseer - Coordinator - Organiser - Admin | General - Captain - Lieutenant - Sergeant - Corporal - Recruit

Old School RuneScape

Leader - Advisor - Head Warlord - Application Manager - Eventmaster - Warlord | Elite Guardian - High Guardian - Honoured Guardian - Guardian - Initiate Guardian | Guildsman

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