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Old School RuneScape, known as OSRS, is a version of RuneScape based on a backup from August 2007. The game mode was released in February 2013 following a large number of players being unhappy with RuneScape 3. The Wilderness Guardians on OSRS is lead by WG Mojo.


A picture from one of WG's biggest ever OSRS wars. This was in 2013 against Poison and was crashed by Critical Damage who were cleared twice before WG claimed victory against Poison

Despite His Lordship raising some concerns about a split in the clan community, WG quickly took to OSRS upon release and initially sought to reach their former level of success from 2006. The clan had old members return to activity, saw pulls of over 100 opts (33 people) for the first time in years, and challenged some of the most powerful clans in battle during the summer of 2013. However the success began to die down at the end of the year.

For the first few years of OSRS, WG tried to maintain a balance between OSRS and RS3. His Lordship also temporarily stepped down from leadership in 2014, and Brent147 was promoted to the rank of Leader. He would resign himself later that year, and the current leaders of the clan (WG Mojo for OSRS and PineappleTom for RS3) were promoted to the rank of Advisors (council). WG also took part in the 2013 and 2014 Jagex Cup events, with moderate success in the early rounds. In 2016, His Lordship stepped down from leadership to the rank of Founder owing to his busy real life, and the Advisors took up full-time leadership of the clan.

In 2016, WG allied with Vanguard and Red Blade Hunters in the Justice Alliance, allowing the three fairly-small clans to compete on a higher level of PvP. The alliance lasted up until early 2017. Since then, WG has taken a neutral position, and refrained from joining or forging any further alliances. They have also developed a casual approach to clanning - initially allowing Zerker builds to join (after being a main clan for the majority of their history), and eventually removing the initial requirements entirely in 2017 and allowing all players to apply.

Though attendance to all events is optional, WG on OSRS remains primarily focused on P2P PvP in the Wilderness with PKing trips in the Revenant Caves almost every day, and occasional planned fights.

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