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Guildsman is a rank for inactive members of the Wilderness Guardians on Old School RuneScape. Previously, Guildsman referred to members of the Silent Guardians.

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Currently, the Guildsman rank is given to certain OSRS members at the discretion of the Application Managers. It is only given if an inactivity topic has been posted or if the member appears in an activity sweep. Usually, a member must reach Honoured Guardian to be considered for Guildsman although exceptions are possible. The member must also not be joining another OSRS clan.

The rank offers some of the perks of normal clan membership but without certain activity requirements such as having to attend events or visit the forums. It grants limited access to private areas of OSRS Discord as well as limited forum access and a friend rank in Clan Chat. It also allows the person to return to their previous rank in WG if and when they return to full activity. This means they don't have to graduate again.

The rank also allows a Guildsman to rejoin WG with their previous rank rather than becoming an Initiate Guardian. It also does not require the person to wait 48 hours to have their application reviewed.


Historically, the rank name was used by the Silent Guardians and existed alongside the Guardian rank for WG and the Soldier rank for Descendant Guardians. Like the other ranks, it had four tiers: Initiate, normal, High and Elite.

Ranks of the Wilderness Guardians

RuneScape 3

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Old School RuneScape

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