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The Wilderness Guardians

WG Shield.png

Leaders WG Mojo (OSRS)
PineappleTom (RS3)
Council Slumptality (OSRS Advisor)
Ghost Sabre (OSRS Head Warlord)
Founders His Lordship
Founded 6 December 2003
Status Active (OSRS and RS3)
Members 301 (OSRS)
340 (RS3)
641 (Total)
Focuses OSRS PvP (Multi, Wilderness)
Ideologies Honour
ARPK (Historical)
Alliances None
Enemies None
Colours Purple
Heraldry Rune Kiteshield (Misthalin)
Team-17 Cape
Team-9 Cape (Historical)
Motto Shield of the Innocent

The Wilderness Guardians is a RuneScape clan founded by His Lordship on December 6th 2003. Explore this wiki to find out more!