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  1. grats, you should kill mutated velds in Catacombs of Kourend - chance to get dark totem to fight Skotizo Also noticed the tunas lol are you not safe spotting?
  2. blue drags, hh and fire giants
  3. info

    already did some of these but still always good to know other ways and means of doing things
  4. depends what your after, Gaming pc or just runescape or everything i.e multiple displays/ streaming music
  5. added alot of stuff including latest clue of 400k
  6. Welcome, what you will see from some replies is take a look at other applicants and expand abit more
  7. I want to see more please... I need to get higher stats to get stuff.. gl on future stuff
  8. I first started Runescape listening to LP such memories
  9. welcome
  10. Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay here
  11. would like to learn raids however ive got alot of work to put in if I want to get raids done.
  12. Stats and Quest Points at start of Blog :
  13. have fun with quests and your stat goals
  14. nice slayer ftw