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  1. I agree with what suffed said. It does have potential. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned how bad that F2P quest is. It seems its only use is to give F2P players more incentive to pay for members.. It is a pointless quest that is just a space filler for the part of the map they have put it on. But hey it was kind of fun and the story line was OK i suppose!
  2. Eif

    Damn bro!! good effort!!
  3. Eif

    I find the best way to learn anything in Runescape is to watch Youtube guides to pass the time when im not doing anything!
  4. Hey everyone, hope you are all good. For those of you that are not aware, I have been unexpectedly away a lot recently with work. I was away for 3 weeks in Germany then had 4 days at home - which is when i found out my membership had been removed. Then i had to go away for another 6 weeks. Long story short, I'm now back for the next couple of weeks before i go on holiday with my partner because she has seen me about as much as this clan has!! This post is to let you know it is in my best interest to be apart of WG but i cant always commit to the active status. Next year is looking quieter so hopefully ill get my full membership again, I guess ill have to re-apply? You will still see me back hanging around discord and CC and will try make events if I see there are any going on whilst I'm in game. Keep it real WG.
  5. Eif

    whoop. decent update, going to start using all my herbs!
  6. Eif

    hello and welcome dude!
  7. Eif

    hello and welcome dude!
  8. Eif

    Welcome dude!
  9. I did not know this! That's brilliant I may make that my next grind man!
  10. Eif

    5327 exactly! Gl on the grind
  11. Second decent drop from these, first decent drop was a warrior ring. Hopefully more to come with around 90 dagonnoth's left to kill.
  12. Eif

  13. very glad to have seen this, never knew you could kill demonic gorillas as a black demon task?!?! I hope i get that task now.
  14. Eif

    This is a legit statement, when i was training to be a pure at first i ended up getting myself 61 att through quests. RIP