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  1. Geitekaas

  2. Geitekaas

    Haha, I was not a zerger either, more of a roamer as a thief. I was in a couple of WvW guilds doing lots of raiding and some GvG's. I would not mind getting back into some GW2. What is your username? My account name is Koeien Kaas.1268
  3. Geitekaas

    I was a fanatic WvW player and have been on several servers. BUt now on FSP I think
  4. Geitekaas

    Omg @Lait Choco I think I'm also on FPS I used to play this way to much until I started playing Old School
  5. Geitekaas

    Oh my god peoples!! Got Magma Mutagen! Got both of them now. Only need the pet to finish off Zulrah!
  6. Geitekaas

    test 3 2 1
  7. Geitekaas

    @Imitus and @5ftassassin Once released lets do this
  8. Geitekaas


    Eyooo frostie!
  9. Geitekaas

    Arcane scroll with pet!!!
  10. Geitekaas

  11. Geitekaas

    Finally!! After a lot of raids (so dry lately ) and other PVMing I have managed to buy my twisted bow (with some help from @Imitus) I sold a lot of my gear to get this so next goal is to get all my gear back!
  12. Ye I think they should implement this stuff as soon as possible!
  13. Geitekaas

    I see now how you are not maxed yet