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  1. Flux

    Definitely very emotional seeing all the Starks go their separate ways - the story itself ended well, the narrative to get there not so much...
  2. Flux

    Hope you apply soon
  3. Flux

  4. Flux

    Cinematography in S8E5 was off the charts!
  5. Flux

    Welcome to WG Hope you enjoy!
  6. Flux

    Good luck
  7. Flux

    Long time no see!
  8. Flux

    Welcome! Farming & Hunter have been my favourite skills too playing OSRS
  9. Flux

    I will have a think about it! I could definitely afford to purchase a few bonds in-game...
  10. Flux

    Thank you man! Glad to see you're now an Advisor With my luck, the HC status won't last too long - but i'm trying!
  11. F LU X/Qoif Tell us about yourself. Hi everyone! I'm a semi-old member of WG that has recently been scaping again. I'm currently enjoying playing on a new HC and have been chilling in the WG cc as usual. I've always loved PKing, but have been enjoying the new challenge of an ironman - so would love to be able to join the clan again (as an ironman) if that's currently allowed! Main: F LU X HC: Qoif Clan history. Vendetta Pure Clan - 2015/16 Ex-Wilderness Guardians Member/Staff: Joined January 2016 Served as Warlord June 2016 - October 2016 Re-joined September 2017 Application Manager October 2017 - April 2018 How did you hear about us? Past experience Do you plan to join? Yes - if I can! Any last comments? Excited to make some new friends in the clan, as well as reuniting with some old ones!
  12. Flux

    Read the #joining_wg channel on Discord to learn what to do next.
  13. Flux

    Sounds like you've found the right fit, hope you enjoy it here
  14. Flux

    Read the #joining_wg channel on Discord to learn what to do next.
  15. Flux

    Welcome back!