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  1. Killa Rain Tell us about yourself. hello guys interested in rejoining I just turned 32 and am from Pennsylvania I am 126 combat with 1832 total level. I was recently a member but must of been kicked for inactivity, didn't realize I was gone for so long. I went by WG Rain when I was a member. Really had fun pking and doing boss events and looking to get back into that as well as making some new friends. Here is my old Link: https://www.wildernessguardians.com/forums/profile/2089-killa-rain/ Clan history. Wilderness guardians is the only clan i've been in for the past since osrs has come back out. How did you hear about us? Ex-Member Do you plan to join? Yes Any last comments? I have always been in the WG clan chat and have the discord info. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces around :)
  2. "you" was good on netflix and I liked that Chernobyl show on hbo.
  3. I can barely play rs on my phone let alone a shooter lmao
  4. hello welcome to the forum!
  5. my laptop only has 1 port for another monitor unfortunately or I'd have more lol
  6. Would of loved to compete in this just never had the time. I hope they have more in the future I heard this may be the last one.
  7. oh wow great craftsmanship looks really cool!
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