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  1. Nasty J

  2. Nasty J

    Welcome! Never heard of grime music - interesting. Good luck!
  3. Nasty J

    I'd recommend continuing to raise your total level to be accepted - however, nothing is stopping you from hanging out and picking our brains for info, tips and tricks! Welcome.
  4. Nasty J

    Photo is 2 years old, but a favorite. My wife and kids, left to right, Nicole, Autumn, Michael Jr, Madilyn, myself.
  5. Nasty J

    Is this Icelandic? Is that how you'd say it if it is? How's it pronounced phonetically? Cool name.
  6. Nasty J

    Hey Everyone, Currently in Poland until July, are there any must sees out here? I never realized Auschwitz was in Poland...Thanks!
  7. Nasty J

    Welcome back to RS, keep grinding!
  8. Nasty J

    Aim for 1750 skill total, welcome!
  9. Nasty J

    How many fire capes did it take? Awesome, as it's not purely luck to get this pet, a bit of risk involved! I still don't have a pet, not sure which one I'd like to have either - I think I'd prefer a PVM pet vs skilling pet.
  10. Nasty J

  11. Nasty J

    Hey everyone, Bit of a RS vet, been around RS for 16-17 years, with the same name of Nasty J. I played mostly in classic prior to RS2 launching. Once RS2 launched things like Halo 2 came out and I was entering high school, playing sports, met my wife, etc. I'm in the US Army, I have 3 kids, and I mostly game or play soccer for fun/hobbies. I joined this clan because I wanted to find a good community I could be a part of for years to come.
  12. Nasty J

    steam: charge1490/SUPERCHARGE
  13. Nasty J

    My wife and I probably 2-ish years ago.
  14. I played WoW heavily for a few years, really enjoyed that, looking forward to the classic WoW remake that's supposed to come out in 2019. I really enjoy rocket league, and I dabble in a lot of FPS games - CS:GO, Fortnite, Insurgency, Day of Infamy..basically listing my steam library but I cycle through all of them. edit - totally forgot about FIFA on xbox
  15. Nasty J

    Welcome and good luck with the app!