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  1. Another pet and its another spoon KC 423 and we get the kraken pet!
  2. Well its been a while since last update but progress been made!
  3. Spoooooned with the pet luck everyone! Heron at 86 fishing at barbarian fishing which is approximately a 1/425000 chance
  4. Been a while since last update, working on a few things! But i did strike out Kandarin Diary elite on Jan 29th! And had my 2k party, now 2019 total
  5. First level 90 since the blog! 90 farming and since the start broke the 2k barrier. 2002 and now to get another skill up
  6. See I don't have a plan like you do Gurt I just decide to do a skill, do one level and move on. Best of luck yourself!
  7. Been meaning to put this up for a few days but anyway, this will be the blog to my 2021 goals. I made my 2 main goals (fire cape and quest cape) last year a bit too easy looking back but sure thats how it goes . The 3 big ones are: 1. Base 90s in all skills 2. Achievement diary cape 3. Obtain a Twisted Bow Got some pictures to show my end of year of 2020! Hope you guys got some good goals to work towards Progress made so far on the skills in 2021! Closing in on 2k total and 200k from 100m total xp should smash out 89 farming over weekend and working on more mage training.
  8. I'd try flesh out the application if I were you, look through some of the other applications to see
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