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  1. Well i did my best with kc for my stat. 100 kills in a day for me
  2. Only able to properly compete today and at weekend but ill do my best for mole
  3. Damn spooky skeleton hit me on opening chest. Torag helm hope it counts
  4. Great to see you back. 100% backed!
  5. IreWar23

    Fire cape

    4 months. 27 attempts. Countless scales, darts and pots at this point but its finally over. First time ever getting this cape and just want to shout out to all who kept pushing me on, couldn't have done it without you. Now I can finally play the game
  6. Graduated with a BSc in Industrial Biochemistry and currently working as a QC Analyst for a large CRO making sure drugs going to market are safe and do what they are supposed to do!
  7. Genuinely laughed at your RS name! Real funny Good luck!
  8. As above needs more info me thinks
  9. Welcome and good luck!
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