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  1. Myjello

    [Accepted] Myjello

    Only a few more hours until the big 48! I'm looking forward to as well. Super excited!!! Thank-you!
  2. Thanks Sabre Wraith! Look forward to joining ya guys.
  3. I still need to add a few more things, like an ags or some d claws
  4. Myjello


    My two boys, Zander and Ragnar!
  5. I'm a huge animal lover, I have two German Shepherds who are pretty much my children. If I'm not playing Runescape I'm doing something with Ragnar and Zander. Post a picture of your pets
  6. Myjello

    [Accepted] Myjello

    Thanks Willzy! Appreciate it! I look forward to joining !
  7. Unfortunately, I'm only at 75 magic right now ;( working on the melee stats. 99 range tho
  8. I was so excited about joining Wilderness Guardians, I went to the G.E. to stock up on some supplies for PKing.
  9. I can't wait for WoW Classic Servers, I'm hoping they come out this year myself.
  10. Myjello

    [Accepted] Myjello

    Soon man soon, focusing on getting these combat levels up lol Thank you
  11. Myjello

    [Accepted] Myjello

    Thank you Myhugobear! Look forward to joining!
  12. Here's my whip lol
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