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  1. I don't and fail. ezpz HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH ...... kms In all seriousness i suggest find a good place to sit like a sofa where your back is at rest and occasionally on its own so you don't fall asleep or get lazy. And get the shit dealt with. Drink water, turn phone off/silent. Good luck
  2. I tried that game back then but didn't really like it lol but mainly I started from farmville and ended at this game So happy to see one guy remembering it, it was my favourite game in 2009 said it was gone in 2013. I'm recently trying to test out the fan made versions like "wild ones remake" i'll see how it turns out.
  3. These are some of its screenshots, i have lots of memories for this game sadly it was discontinued due to people hacking and buying the game's weapons/stuff which was supposed to be bought from irl money. Just curious to see if anyone here ever played it
  4. ZainTheOne


    yes she's cute but i don't think ill want to put my meat tree anywhere near it.
  5. ZainTheOne


    ah fuck for a second i thought your rsn was "NINJA" ,good luck though
  6. i need to cleanse my mind i think. I thought its like when you apply lube(loose reference as oil) before you start screwing
  7. is your rsn a sex joke btw
  8. >Hair going grey already (sad times). If it makes you feel good if one has a few grey/white hair in youth in our culture it means you love your parents a lot
  9. feels like a really lazy bandaid, but i think there should be a flashing arrow for who attacked you first so reddit's "fight back" argument is served
  10. ZainTheOne

    [Declined] Spasa

    pretty low quality application but maybe its because you have been with WG before
  11. This is Jikkar here ready for combat
  12. Hey it's ok me and vorkath go way back i didn't wanted to say this in public since it's a secret but since things have come this far i have to clear this misunderstanding. Vorkath is actually into S&M and enjoys S part especially. He looted varrock bank and to give stuff as reward for those who manage to satisfy him until he falls sleep. What's insane is his sexual desires overcome his motherly responsibilities that he gives out his newly born to some who make him orgasm. I hope this clears it up
  13. the madman changed his ign to WG Shire before accepting, goodluck
  14. You can't guess mine Zain
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