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  1. Ello!! Hope y'll doing good, Just wanted to remind people of League of Legends worlds 2019 event will be starting in like 2 hrs at https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames. If you're free, they are pretty entertaining even if you don't play the game. The first match will be SKT vs FNC, Korea first seed vs Europeon second seed. Interesting thing to note in the first match is that the most famous and successful gaming personality in world aka Faker plays in SKT so all eyes on him if you want a starting point. I started watching worlds from 2017 when i didn't know shit about league but i st
  2. Damn forced name changes suck, welcome though
  3. If you want additional opinions there's a famous discord specialized for raids learning/teaching/lft. "We Do Raids" https://discord.gg/wdr
  4. there isnt supposed to be one its just fantasy and ruins the story if you read one but one but here you go: Every human loses there sight one day, and for some reason the demand for milk skyrockets and everyone wants it from time to time. Two years of blindness have passed and on his daily routine one person goes to a near market to buy jug of milk and suddenly regains his sight one day only to read writings on every surface depicting to not tell "them" that you have regained your sight. Surprised of his sight return he starts looking at his surrounding when he notices the jug of milk he's
  5. When The Blinding first occurred, I thought I was the only individual affected. I was sitting at my desk working on a school paper and in an instant, everything went black. I had cried out to my parents in fear and confusion, but their response was like an echo of my own. They, too, couldn't see. And we soon learned the entire world had been victim to having their sight filled with darkness. Interestingly enough, we don't think this affected any of the animals living on Earth. Just us humans. The only strange thing that occurred after this was the fact that the demand for Milk skyrocketed
  6. That's a big improvement on your app. compared to old one, good luck
  7. Decent app, i learned most bossing from this clan too. I'm sure you'll have a good time here. gl
  8. Welcome man, just want to tell you that majority of OSRS players play on a client named runelite which is much better and trusted than osbuddy. Just gonna drop the official link there so you don't click on fake sites and get phised. https://runelite.net/
  9. You should put more about yourself and runescape history if you have no clan history. We are a community and its good to know each other
  10. De-ironed pleb welcome to trading. Decent app,gl
  11. On closer look, you forgot to blur the run energy. thanks for the acc
  12. You don't need to say anything else brother i'm already your fan
  13. I made one recently too https://imgur.com/a/Koa4zJ4
  14. I guess my first pvp kill goes here then :)
  15. Hello, welcome to our forums and thanks for considering us. The info on your application is quite lacking please improve it. You can see some accepted applications here to get an idea. https://www.wildernessguardians.com/forums/forum/13-join/ Goodluck!
  16. is this some one level per post ironman
  17. they look like big hamsters to me
  18. >Birmingham ? *Peaky Blinders music starts*
  19. finally read your whole life story which you have been flexing on in cc for a while lol. welcome and gl
  20. i expected you to know the meme, my bad
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