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  1. the only thing is, i dont have the skills to pk and i have never done it before ive thought about making a pure or ironman
  2. hey guys feel like im getting a little burned out and idk what to do to get back into it, any suggestions?
  3. this is a great app, welcome to the community and best of luck with joining!
  4. hot damn im 6'1 and you make me look small in all those pictures
  5. farlife

    [Declined] FloatD

    welcome to the best clan out there, hope to see you around in game and on the forums
  6. thanks buddy @WG Fargorn is there a way that this topic could be bumped, would love to see more pics of the boys
  7. me and the ol lady on top of some mountain in hawaii https://gyazo.com/cbfd1cc5cf745c484bbd693804113cf8
  8. farlife

    [Accepted] Tritega

    wow great app. cant wait to play with you in game and get to know you. cheers
  9. good stuff, being around english speakers will definitely help you out alot
  10. I've got 80s in combat stats, if you are planning on going this weekend shoot me a pm and we can give it a go
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to learn how to do bandos so if anyone wants to teach me the ropes and go get some kills with me let me know! -farlife
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