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  1. Jake is the Marshmellow on the left he's 3. We adopted him from a foster home. Honey is the Calitabbytortie on the right. She's just turned 2. We adopted her from a shelter nearby. She was first and he was second. They're birds of a feather though and love to cuddle with eachother and play. They make my day.
  2. Grats on 200 quest points! Hope you enjoy the super fun instantly replaced camulet.
  3. Looks interesting. I love big number fights.
  4. Welcome!
  5. Congrats sir! You should work on that Defense to get some more quick levels to that next milestone! /s
  6. Thx folks! Also thx for legendary response Cat. Made my day!
  7. Completed an important goal for me this week. Will further down the road of murdering many monsters for the sake of profit and glory. But I killed a lot to get to this point. Nechs and their dumb minions ruined my chance for a screenshot though (Thanks guys.) so this post will have to serve as proof.
  8. Do I gotta get with your friends?... Wait a minute, I'm good I think. Grats sir!
  9. Good luck Joe, keep up the awesome work!
  10. Keep at it, Good luck as you go, and may your clue scrolls not give you fire lighters!
  11. Not even a T-shirt? Sad day. Grats on the emote though!
  12. My friend recommended back in the day to mine coal and turn it into certs to get cash. I spent a good part of a week mining coal in my youth to pay for my fancy RSC armor. I spent it all of rune armor from the vendor in Champs guild. I died to a lesser demon and lost a bunch of the stuff I worked really hard for. My day was ruined for a week.