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  1. congrats !!! nice dude
  2. welcome
  3. grats!
  4. Post more pics you nerds
  5. Bank was made. Share some of that rng pls
  6. [email protected] now i know why i saw you showing of the emote
  7. eww thats gross;)
  8. welcome
  9. Before the new bracelets and all the barrage tasks i would get 25-30k p/h but now (with a far from optimal blocklist) i get around 50k p/h roughly. Last time i slayed was like two months ago thou.
  10. Welcome Oost gelderland by any chance?
  11. never have to run laps again also got 400m total. aaand 96 wc
  12. Welcome
  13. oldie to show off my 99fishing
  14. gl mate
  15. jk's welcome man. nice to see some people aged 25+ apply (makes me feel less old :D)