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  1. Welcome mate! and fyi, theres an estate agent in varrock, fally, seers and ardy
  2. #nofilter #justwokeup
  3. congrats
  4. busted its a screenshot of a video ill see if i can find a better more recent pic later if i remember
  5. We need more pics in this thread. Dont be afraid to show your basement dwelling faces people!
  6. dayum nice
  7. Happy new years @@@
  8. Cat

    weird ass roleplayers
  9. Cat

    Best intro ever 10/10
  10. Hey man. Always good to see another dutchie join
  11. Only speak english/dutch/german and gogle translate isnt helpful lmao
  12. I think nobody knew I was asian so that got me thinking.
  13. How is your name russian when your accent is posh af
  14. with @Geitekaas @Imitus and another mate of mine