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  1. welcome dude
  2. No
  3. currently 4 lvls away from maxing so time to give this topic a bump. I'll probably max monday the 23rd but Im not sure yet. Ill post make an event a day prior
  4. The urge to make up for it also congrats mojo
  5. congrats
  6. welcome
  7. Hey

  8. Welcome dude! when are you gonna do varrock museum for some easy hunter lvls
  9. congrats
  10. he already left us :'D
  11. Welcome dude. Now if you could just include a pic of your combat lvl, and a gif of yourself doing the uri emote
  12. Smart :). idk what your ranged lvl is but at 99 ranged you pot to 112 and lose a max hit when you drop down to 110, so wasting a 500gp range pot dose is worth it imo
  13. You still take some damage unless you use the new super extended antifire. @Pollie do you pray range or mage? If you bring a bp you can heal between hits with the spec. You could also bring an extra brew + restore for 2 extra kills but you'd probably leave some food on the ground if you did that. So I'd prefer your setup tbh:d
  14. congratsss. dat sweet 50k rc exp