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  1. Hey there, welcome aboard!
  2. Hey there welcome! Your app is a little on the shorter side You never been in a clan before? Why is that, never seen the point, or..?
  3. Hey there, welcome to our humble abode! Seen you around in the cc a couple of times, hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. Welcome Moon! Did some Zammy GWD with you earlier today. We'll get your first hilt drop soon!
  5. Congrats! Mmmyes dat sweet extra block slot
  6. Yeah I used to do that back in the day when I was playing hardcore, before the HD version even came out. It's more enjoyable with people you actually know tho Yes by using Gameranger! =x
  7. Own it but haven't touched it in a good while. I used to be an avid AOE2 player, I love that game to bits Just gets boring after a while with no one to play with obviously. I do sometimes play with a friend every so often (once a year or two?) and we play versus Very Hard bots 2v6 and cry ourselves to sleep as we try to camp it out and survive. =x We've only been able to do it once, mainly because those AI fuckers keep sending half an army every 5 minutes after the first 5 minutes of the game. I'll be sitting there with my handful of militias and these mofos come at me with battle rams and trebs, it's like calm your shit down a little, jeez. Rants aside, I'd be down to play a few games of AoE2.
  8. I still play at least monthly with my RL friendgroup. We're all pretty good so we try to comet smash each other all day pretty much. Real fun and challenging/competitive!
  9. picture

    I got a funny one from reddit too: Someone was advertising a banksale 4 (for) 20m
  10. Hey welcome! Maybe add a bit more to your application, lil short there friend.
  11. Welcome, I see Slump got a partner
  12. Ooh is it fun? Man, I really want to try out raids. Herblore2expensive4me
  13. Howd you know?! Sorcerer! Mojo jojo