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  1. Leinenkugel is always a safe bet. i've been drinking a lof of Kona Brewing Co. , and Maui Brewing Co. since it's out here
  2. Hey I'm just wondering what kind of Slayer XP per hour you guys are getting. I don't do a whole ton of Slayer as I like to AFK a lot, but I'm planning on going for maybe 90+ slayer soon. So I can have some reference points to hold myself accountable on the grind, could you please post the xp/hour and what kind of gear and method you're using at your average tasks, and if there's a specific task and method with an insane XP rate please explain it. Please note I'm not talking about combat xp, just xp in the Slayer skill. Example: Melee without cannon: 00k/hour Melee with cannon: 00k/hr Barrage with cannon: 000k/hr Other methods: 000k/hr Thanks!
  3. welcome! nice to see someone with 70-75 att + def. great pk stats. are you planning to get 77 prayer and rigour and augury?
  4. not too much has changed except for the fact that full knowledge of the game ticks is now widely available. all of the techniques that these popular OSRS streamers use for KOs have been around the entire time. jagex never used to release game engine info, especially to pkers. but that didn't stop us from stacking those damage splats. as far as weapon switches start with simple range 2h switch, then add in switching the prayers as well. then move on to range dds. once you get that try blitz dds. once you get those basics down try out range to d scim to g maul double spec combo stack. once you learn weapon switches while staying in tank gear you can move on to bridding. for hybriding/tribriding you will have to do 4-5 item switches quite quickly in addition to prayer switches and weapons/spells. just practice swapping between robes + casting the spell real quick, and quickly putting your tank back on to melee/range your opponent. 9mm, we have very similar stats so we can practice fighting each other in the duel arena with different types of pk setups!
  5. dont go initiate pure there is no real benefit to them in OSRS. stay 1 def for sure. the question i would ask is... staying 1 def... 50 att w/ 31 pray, or 60~75 att w/ 45~52 pray if i were you i'd get the range and mage levels first, then enjoy pking w/ 50 attack, and then get 60 attack, and then possibly get 70 and whip pk on the way to 75. if you can afford D claws i'd just stay 60 attack because in these combat brackets claws wreck and that saves you a lot of combat levels
  6. I agree MSI is rock solid. Probably my favorite computer company right now. I have one of their Dominator Pro laptops.
  7. good luck. i cant imagine maxing every skill
  8. my girl and i in kyoto pic
  9. This is my 2017 Subaru Forester And this is my 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback that I got for my girl. it is way too fun to drive!! haha
  10. just added you guys on XBL: lucidtrocity my origin is dopesoljaa steam is dopesolja lucidsolja
  11. lol i don't have my keys anymore. have pirated copies of AOE2, AOM, and AOE3 on my older laptop Starcraft 1 Anthology is free for legacy mode. what about that?
  12. that looks like a pretty nice PC for the price. i used to always say the same thing, that you have to build your own. however, the margins are getting closer and closer these days. these companies scramble to find bulk deals so they can stay competitive and keep the prices down. i think you got a decent deal m8, and you have to consider the time you have saved by not having to build it.
  13. Tbow, ely, ancestral, arma, and claws
  14. lucky af 😂
  15. gratz man thats really cool that you unlocked it by getting the drop yourself