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  1. Sabre Wraith

    my wife helped me splash to 99 mage on 2 accs
  2. Sabre Wraith

  3. Sabre Wraith

  4. Sabre Wraith

    @Tankerdsu got some hoes lined up for after the pk trip? after we pk these scythes you're gonna want that savage nut
  5. Sabre Wraith

  6. Sabre Wraith

    he loves Barb Assault ? he must be an alien. ban him!
  7. Sabre Wraith

    not sure what's up with my upload. need to call my ISP or switch back to my other router with DD-WRT firmware.
  8. Sabre Wraith

    Your app looks really good, thanks for editing it. He's all ready attended one event guys thanks for PKing with us last night and being there when I got 99 ranged! I hope the process of joining goes smoothly for you. Message the app managers to finalize your initiation after a couple of days, or if you have any questions. Welcome to WG!
  9. Sabre Wraith

    Welcome. Nice Zerker. I have a med level 105 cb maxed 70 att/def 77 pray. We can probably kill the same targets in Rev caves! Good luck with the app.
  10. Sabre Wraith

    Nice to see you apply Sir Charges. That's impressive to be level 88 combat and ready to complete DS2. If you're looking for coordinated and precise PKing, you've come to the right place. I hope your application process goes smoothly. Please remember to contact an App Manager in a couple of days to complete your initiation. I'm looking forward to seeing you develop and join our PK trips as well as other events! Welcome to the Wilderness Guardians!
  11. Sabre Wraith

    i know it's sad. maybe with all the profits from fortnite they can have some people finish it
  12. Sabre Wraith

    3 sometimes 4
  13. Sabre Wraith

    Welcome dude. Please accept our apologies for your death maybe next time you will be the one doing the killing! Nice strength level! I hope you can complete the application process and follow up with the App Managers on Discord. Talk to you later!
  14. Sabre Wraith

    Hello and welcome. I hope you can complete the application process by following through with an App Manager on Discord. I saw your YT channel. Pretty cool and interesting vids. I also want a revival to spark the popularity of the Arena shooter genre. Have you played the latest Unreal Tournament Alpha? Anyway, I hope to see you in game. Good to see other people who played in 2005, those were the days. Looking forward to seeing you level up and come to events and pk trips with us!