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  1. Sabre Wraith

    chop treez
  2. thats pretty awesome tbh. tho the fact that this method is locked behind elite mory diary and mm2 makes it rare for someone to actually use while maxing melee. i'm sure there are some guys in teh clan who aren't maxed melee yet and have the elite diary tho
  3. Sabre Wraith

  4. Sabre Wraith

    constant p2p since 2004 thats impressive lol i've had way too many accounts and was a broke young kid who had to send money orders from my grocery store all the way to jagex's office in the UK just to get mems LOL
  5. Sabre Wraith

  6. its a smart update to the looting bag
  7. Sabre Wraith

    hey waddup i'm the CEO of keldagrim i'll buy your iron ore 2 gp ea
  8. Sabre Wraith

    Neven, you should get 50 attack when you get a chance, there's a new weapon called a Granite Hammer so you don't need to use a rune scim all the way to 60.
  9. Sabre Wraith

    Welcome Galaxy! Just so you know I'm a Dark Sabre now... if that's a problem i'll spec you out
  10. Sabre Wraith

    i want to see them continue the elven questline especially... they did it in RS3 and i think they can make it a huge OSRS quest in it's own right
  11. Sabre Wraith

    yeah TBH they need to increase the amount of quests they are putting out... considering they have hired more staff
  12. Sabre Wraith

    merge the threads ? @Mojo
  13. Sabre Wraith

    hey welcome! nice stats, do you like to pK?
  14. Sabre Wraith

    hey bill, welcome and thanks for putting the effort in to your app we look forward to seeing you in game!!
  15. Sabre Wraith

    interesting i guess but he isn't saying much...