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  1. yo chad whats good add me on both of my accounts: main: ghost sabre 70 att + def pk acc: sabre wraith
  2. nice app, i'm looking forward to seeing you complete the joining process and then eventually graduate!
  3. hey myjello welcome dude
  4. Hey

  5. gratz on olmlet, does it taste good ?
  6. welcome and good luck
  7. how funny would it be if they didn't play DMM at all with the p2p, and instead chopped magic logs or something in osrs BANNED ?>??
  8. gz man
  9. nice app and welcome. sara GWD is definitely one of my favorites. it's nice to have more people in the clan with the stats for it. WG is an excellent first clan for you. i hope i'm able to make it to some of the events you'll be attending, and maybe you can come along to PK with us sometime!
  10. ^ this and welcome c sure i remember chatting with you in the CC, glad you joined. i hope you have a few sets of pk gear in the bank semi - rag is ok for starting out
  11. nice app. welcome to WG sir. please set up discord and pay attention to the #events and #osrs channel for announcements regarding events and pk trips, as well as the calendar on this forum. we would love to have you along on the pk trips!!
  12. hello and welcome; we would love to PK with you! i think your app needs some more details to get accepted. i'm not the app manager but please add more information about what kind of PKing you've done in the past, (single/multi) (wildy/pvp worlds/BH crater/BH worlds), and some more information about yourself.
  13. good luck with your app!
  14. eyyy free p2p lmfao