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    I don't particularly enjoy reading and mangas have never caught my attention, I prefer to just sit and watch the anime.
  2. My Xbox GT is: Xedachi On the PC I play many games https://gyazo.com/a5682f3c64ec0528e0fad30f59a5117c My current desktop and main games on PC https://gyazo.com/7cf9da5563cf8e07d5331d8ccd7883c5 On the Xbox I have a couple hundred too, however my favourite genre is survival horror.
  3. Xedachi


    My favourite anime is Berserk, I just love the art style and the fact that it's so bloody but on the other hand I also really like a little romance and I like to feel real emotions while watching anime that's what draws me in the most and if I was to choose one that really hit me in the feels it'd have to be Angel Beats.
  4. Hello and welcome to my goals & achievements, here I'll be keeping you updated on my OldSchool RuneScape progress. Upon quitting a year ago I gave away pretty much everything that I had as I knew I'd like to start fresh when I return.I returned a year later on 02/09/2018, so far I have managed to make enough gold in order to purchase basic combat equipment and potions then decided that I'd like to record my progress from 09/12/2018 hoping that by doing so will motivate me even more. I've organised my bank so that it covers all of the skills with a slayer/assignment tab. How assignments will work: Assignments will be set challenges such as a certain amount of boss kills and/or items dropped by bosses and other various monsters, at the end of my set assignment I'll price check the tab and sell it off. STATUS: ONLINE CURRENTLY: My bank at the beginning of the journey [09/12/2018] Gold Teleports Fishing/Cooking Runecrafting Gear used for slayer and bossing in general Herblore Farming Mining/Smithing Woodcutting/Fletching/Firemaking Crafting Construction This tab will be used for Slayer and Assignments Miscellaneous Outfits Current stats as of [09/12/2018] My goals & achievements are in 4 tiers (easy, medium, hard and elite) goals & achievements that will take the most time to complete will be highlighted in yellow, goals & achievements that I'm currently focusing on will be highlighted in aqua and upon completion will turn green. Easy goals and achievementsArdougne Diary [Easy]Desert Diary [Easy]Falador Diary [Easy]Fremennik Diary [Easy]Kandarin Diary [Easy]Karamja Diary [Easy]Lumbridge & Draynor Diary [Easy]Morytania Diary [Easy]Varrock Diary [Easy]Western Provinces Diary [Easy]Wilderness Diary [Easy]Medium goals and achievementsArdougne Diary [Medium]Desert Diary [Medium]Falador Diary [Medium]Fremennik Diary [Medium]Kandarin Diary [Medium]Karamja Diary [Medium]Lumbridge & Draynor Diary [Medium]Morytania Diary [Medium]Varrock Diary [Medium]Western Provinces Diary [Medium]Wilderness Diary [Medium] Hard goals and achievementsMedium Clue Scrolls: 46/400Barrows Chests: 308/5,000Ardougne Diary [Hard]Desert Diary [Hard]Falador Diary [Hard]Fremennik Diary [Hard]Kandarin Diary [Hard]Karamja Diary [Hard]Lumbridge & Draynor Diary [Hard]Morytania Diary [Hard]Varrock Diary [Hard]Western Provinces Diary [Hard]Wilderness Diary [Hard]Elite goals and achievementsMax CapeObtain 1 Billion GPArdougne Diary [Elite]Desert Diary [Elite]Falador Diary [Elite]Fremennik Diary [Elite]Kandarin Diary [Elite]Karamja Diary [Elite]Lumbridge & Draynor Diary [Elite]Morytania Diary [Elite]Varrock Diary [Elite]Western Provinces Diary [Elite]Wilderness Diary [Elite] Monsters, their desired kill counts and pet collection (Assignments)I'll be killing each boss listed below, their kill count is taken directly from the chance at receiving the pet for that particular boss. If by any chance I reach the desired kill count without receiving the pet I will continue to kill the boss until I receive the pet and if I was to receive the pet before hitting the desired kill count I'll continue to kill the boss until the desired kill count has been reached. Abyssal SireKill Count: 0/2,560Pet: Abyssal orphanGiant MoleKill Count: 0/3,000Pet: Baby moleCallistoKill Count: 0/2,000Pet: Callisto cubCerberusKill Count: 0/3,000Pet: HellpuppyKalphite QueenKill Count: 0/3,000Pet: Kalphite princessChaos FanaticKill Count: 0/1,000Pet: Pet chaos elementalDagannoth PrimeKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet dagannoth primeDagannoth RexKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet dagannoth rexDagannoth SupremeKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet dagannoth supremeCorporeal BeastKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet dark coreGeneral GraardorKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet general graardorK'ril TsutsarothKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet k'ril tsutsarothKrakenKill Count: 0/3,000Pet: Pet krakenKree'arraKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet kree'arraThermonuclear smoke devilKill Count: 0/3,000Pet: Pet smoke devilZulrahKill Count: 0/4,000Pet: Pet snakelingCommander ZilyanaKill Count: 0/5,000Pet: Pet zilyanaKing Black DragonKill Count: 0/3,000Pet: Prince black dragonScorpiaKill Count: 0/2,000Pet: Scorpia's offspringSkotizoKill Count: 0/65Pet: SkotosTzTok-JadKill Count: 0/200Pet: Tzrek-jadVenenatisKill Count: 0/2,000Pet: Venenatis spiderlingVet'ionKill Count: 0/2,000Pet: Vet'ion jr. Main gearOther items of interest will be added upon release.Slayer helm (i)Serpentine helmArmadyl helmetAncestral hatAmulet of tortureNecklace of anguish3rd age amuletBandos ChestplateArmadyl chestplateAncestral robe topBandos tassetsArmadyl chainskirtAncestral robe bottomPrimordial bootsPegasian bootsEternal bootsBarrows glovesTormented braceletBerserker ring (i)Archers' ring (i)Seers' ring (i)Abyssal tentacleAbyssal daggerSaradomin godswordArmadyl crossbowToxic blowpipeKodai wandTrident of the swampDragon defenderDragonfire shieldTwisted bucklerArcane spirit shield Spectral spirit shield Elysian spirit shieldFire capeAva's assemblerImbued zamorak capeLuxury collectiblesAmulet of eternal gloryEternal slayer ringXeric's talismanNotable items obtained by dropsTotal item count: 17Ahrim's hoodBarrows Chest: 27Will be soldTorag's hammersBarrows Chest: 81Will be soldKaril's leatherskirtBarrows Chest: 130Will be soldDharok's greataxeBarrows Chest: 130Will be soldGuthan's chainskirtBarrows Chest: 133Will be soldDharok's greataxeBarrows Chest: 137Will be soldKaril's leathertopBarrows Chest: 139Will be soldGuthan's warspearBarrows Chest: 150Will be soldDharok's platebodyBarrows Chest: 166Will be soldAhrim's robetopBarrows Chest: 182Will be soldKaril's leathertopBarrows Chest: 211Will be soldGuthan's helmBarrows Chest: 237Will be soldDharok's greataxeBarrows Chest: 252Will be soldTorag's platelegsBarrows Chest: 266Will be soldVerac's plateskirtBarrows Chest: 282Will be soldKaril's leathertopBarrows Chest: 297Will be soldVerac's brassardBarrows Chest: 305Will be sold Bandos chestplateKill count: 50Will be sold
  5. I know that this isn't much, I've just cleaned and organised my bank ready for future use, most of my bank was used to fund my construction and my house. Tab 0, this consists of all my teleport options and the most important items I use at the moment. Tab 1, this is my gear tab.. I know it's not much but you've got to start somewhere! Tab 2, potions & herblore tab, this is where most of my 3 dose potions go and the most useful potions that I use which are 4 doses go to tab 0. Tab 3, simple farming tab because why not, the seeds I gather are those used for the potions in my potions tab, I don't bother picking up seeds if I never use the potions related to them. Tab 4 is use for mining and smithing Tab 5 is for woodcutting, fletching and firemaking Tab 6 is for crafting and construction Tab 7, this is going to be used for my future slayer loot and as a sales tab Tab 8, I'm just going to use this for miscellaneous items until I find other locations for them Tab 9 and the final tab is going to be used for outfits and fashionscape.. once I finally get round to finding some fashion.
  6. Xedachi

    [Accepted] Xedachi

    Thank you all for the warm welcome, I appreciate it!
  7. Xedachi

    [Accepted] Xedachi

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Xedachi What is your current RS name? Xedachi List any previous RS names: I've only ever had one RS name. What is your total level and combat level? My combat level is 108 and my total level is 1810 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My RuneScape account is rather old however I haven't been playing every single day since the creation of the account and I've had plenty of breaks, for the combat level my account is currently at I think the total's pretty decent. Tell us about your clan history. I've been in two clans in the past, I have left both due to inactivity and drama related issues that I found to be very immature, those clans are called Rebirth and Empathy. Tell us about your yourself. My name's Jason, I'm 26 years old and I'm from England, I've been playing RuneScape since the age of 14 however I did quit playing on the release of Evolution of Combat and later returned when I heard that Jagex released OldSchool RuneScape. How did you hear about us? I found you on the forums. What makes you want to join us? I'm looking for a mature clan and one that stands by their rules, I am wanting to make new friends to play RuneScape with, I prefer PvE over PvP however I haven't done much bossing in general and I'm hoping that I might be able to get some help with that. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I've never done anything that would put my account at risk and the account itself has no offences, I have never been put on RS Justice.
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