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  1. I wouldn't be opposed to hopping on. I also have ps4. I think I need to get ps+ again though!
  2. DroVille

    Path to 2200

    No thanks I don't do diaries. It says level goals so lmk about levels
  3. DroVille

    Path to 2200

    Quick update.... Got 97 slayer and on the way got a new follower (Pet #5!) Got a few total lvls here and there. Grinding Slayer hard lately Bank has been fluctuating between 645m and 660m due to item prices and pvp/pvm luck Keep grindin' ya'll
  4. Sharing is caring. I mean the drugs, not the family
  5. Gratz dude. That grind can suck ass
  6. Welcome back and good luck with your application!
  7. Florida even let me have the LLC
  8. Welcome Laurence. I'm working on setting up an FBA for my company, Bitches Like It Ruff. Would love to pick apart your brain! Goodluck with your application!!
  9. DroVille

    Path to 2200

    Time for a much needed update. Currently as of 8/16
  10. Yay some friendly competition!
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