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  1. did you get what you were trying for and with the amount of kills you got have you made good money on it?
  2. do they have a decent loot table? that always makes the difference for me
  3. i wish you luck hoping you get your goal of 1m an hour if so thats amazing bro
  4. ive been making decent money every slayer assignment i get brings me at least 500k to 1m so i cant complain at my level
  5. thats tough one to decide but its either n64 or super nintendo i love 64 cause of smash bros and mario cart also conkers bad fur day all amazing games
  6. the graphics of the lowlands is amazing i think they did an amazing job at this update
  7. totally ps4 ive always like playstation way more but there are a few game just for xbox that are nice that i wish were on ps4
  8. i love to do slayer for my money making but right now im just a little low on the slayer lvl to make good profit but soon ill be making good money that or merching
  9. oh ok just making sure id fix it
  10. im confused what did i say so wrong Aaight?
  11. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. ChronicAngel What is your current RS name? ChronicAngel List any previous RS names: none my old account was deleted or gone before i created this account i tried to log into my old account and it said it didnt exist so i started over What is your total level and combat level? my combat level is 86 and still climbing daily my total level is 1064 and climbing daily as well i plan to continue to grow and get stronger day by day to help my fellow guardians to achieve greatness like we all deserve Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. i love playing the game i play the game religiously for hours and hours a day right now im laid off my construction job so i have all day and all night to play if. i want i started off playing this game when i was in middle school with my cousin and we had a blast i played tell i graduated and then i took a long break tell just recently getting back into the game. my account right now is mostly melee and range dominate and going to be working on my magic here soon to get it to at least 75 so i can use all the weapons and most of the magic spells. i plan on having 99 in all combats and slayer. i got mostly mid level stats on all skills roughly 50 on most some a little lower some a little higher but will continue to grow tell ive reached 99 in everything. my very first and only character before i started this one was almost max in alot of my skills a few i didnt have or were really close took me a long time but i love the grind. Tell us about your clan history. i have never been in a clan that as serious as this one if i ever was in one it was on my old account that has been deleted and the clans i was in were just some close friends who started them and just close local friends who joined them we did alot of pvm very little pvp but i always enjoyed both but always much better with pvm. Tell us about your yourself. hi first off let me start with it will be an Honor and i mean Honor to join you guys i grew up playing this game and seen you guys always around and you were all wonderful people. i hope one day i will inspire someone new to the game or even someone who has played for awhile to be friendly and caring for one another like you guys have showed me to keep this game as wonderful as it is. My name is Jordon im a male, im 30 years old and in January 31st i turn 31 i live in the united states in indiana and im in construction in the piping union and a gunsmith as another trade i went to school for a few years ago in colorado then i moved back home to indiana and thats where ive been since. i dont play any other games but osrs and dont plan to either when i play a game i devote myself to it for the people i play with the deserve 100% all the time and that what ill give them. i was raised on morals and common sense which i think is a dying characteristic and im trying to bring it back. i enjoy making friends and when i make a friend your like family and in my life forever. i love to be outside shooting guns hunting fishing anything that involves the wilderness i love it. i enjoy all sorts of music from country to death metal i have a dog and a gf that both make me so happy and id do anything i can for the people i love and i dont expect anything back but a ty is always nice to hear. i plan on enjoying the time with this clan and hoping it will be a new family member to add to my life my heart is always open for more good people in my life. the only dislikes i have in life are people who steal and lie if you dont do any of those things then i like you and will enjoy learning who you are and what you like. How did you hear about us? looking for Clan that does bossing and seen on a forum What makes you want to join us? id like to join a family that is caring and wants to grow with me, i want to make friends from all over the world that enjoys pvming and pvping and really enjoys just the company of good people. id like to hopefully learn new stuff about the game since its been awhile and alot has come out since i used to play and doing so i hope i can grow and continue the great name of the WIlderness Guardians and show people the wonderful clan that you all are. id like to be able to make friends to be able to boss and do other things i really enjoy in the game together and share with each other to grow the clan to great accomplishments. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: i play the game like its supposed to be played ive never lied stole or cheated in the game that would just make it no fun to me im and honorable person and expect anyone i consider friends to be the same honestly i was raised better in the real world and i wouldnt let a game lower my standards cause its fake world i bring who i am into this world and i will continue to do so because that who and what i am.
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