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  1. I'm chatting to him now. He's going to review his application and submit a more complete one
  2. Yo King! Glad you signed up Welcome to the clan.
  3. Hahahaha I just got this from crack the clue, felt so proud until I saw a few F2P nubs walking around in it.... Didn't know. Let me look it up
  4. I still don't have a skillcape, so here's mine with what I currently have:
  5. My favourite and best, in my opinion, money making method in RS is what people call merching. I made 3m in 15min, could've made more if it wasn't for trade limit. But then again, could use more accounts to buy/sell. The more money you have, the more money you can make at a time. 2nd which is definitely not in my favourites but I think it should be at the top is staking. Doubling method is pretty much bulletproof gains if the odds are 50/50 (same stats). You just double your bet and keep doubling until you win. Eventually you'll profit from it. The chances of losing 10 in a row are really slim, but could happen so don't risk your bank. Start with the 100k(s) and doubling from there.
  6. So who lost bank here and who made some GP? Sandals were a fail and so were dragon thrown axes. Had 2k of them but managed to sell them in the streets for 4.5k-5k ea when they were 2k in ge Granite boots and sandals are still flippable since everyone's panicking over theme. Did anyone find any good merches lately? Don't be shy to share
  7. This is hilarious. If someone's free now, let's go to a wildy world, edge bank and do this, it could even be a possible mini-event. Use a rock cake guzzle to do high dmg and scream 'help/hacker' while the other person uses Django's dclaws toy. We did this at GE and people were so confused. One guy went to bank his stuff and came back with '????????'.
  8. Lololol. Alright, besides that, what was the most random place you've played RS?
  9. This idea came from where I just played RS. On mobile, on a plane paid for some WiFi for a 9h flight. Can't really take a photo of myself playing on my phone, so here you go:
  10. DOTA2 all the way! Feel free to add me on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/reviver743/
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