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    IT DOES NOT NEED A STORY. that's sick!
  3. just made this topic in order to share, what you consider, your sickest loot. Well be from clues, pvm, pk or pvp. Just show up what you got and tell us a brief story about how you got it. I start, I got a relic from a pk, the pk killed the guy who got the relic, and then, seeing the fact he didn't ate or made any emote when finished the guy (the pvmer), I just put my bp on acurate and throw him 2 specs i had in that moment charged on. I risked only a bp and a robin hood hat, but i got double.
  4. ro10 carrot

    Welcome dude. We're always glad to have new recruits. I hope you can get in team. Best of luck.
  5. ro10 carrot

    Yo there. I made a question on cc earlier. I asked: "If you could add something from another game of your taste to runescape, what would it be?" I'd add Castle siegues of Lineage 2.
  6. ro10 carrot

    Thanks god they already fixed that issue about time. it was grinding my gears. My question is, will updates always have a consequence? just like 2billion bug and this one. Taking on count i'm new on this game and i've just seen a bit of what would happen for further updates.
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    Oh dear, you're dead.
  8. ro10 carrot

    I've seen this guy, active on cc and such a nice guy. Welcome dude, about time you app. I actually hope you get in team. Such a light app, you can always add more weight on it best of luck.
  9. Hello there guys. My RS has been pressenting this problem since yesterday's update. I'd like to know if someone else is also having this issue,and if have you seen/heard something about it. And if it is going to turn back to normal. Do we have to wait? Will it stay like that? Is there a way to repair it?. when toggled, it should change side-panels appearance and it can be also hidded when pressing the same hotkey. Plus, when i toggle the config, the only thing that it does beside sending that message, is to hide/show loot's names.
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    Nope Ehm, Thx Obama?
  12. ro10 carrot

    Guys, i've been following the posts on this twitter page: https://twitter.com/TheSunVanished I'de like to know if you know something about it, and if you do, please share what you think about it. I'm amazed.
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    Welcome amigo. We're always glad to have new recruits. It would be good to know a bit more about you, so you can always give more weight to your app. I hope you can get in team and as spanish talker too, te deseo buena suerte! Greetings,
  15. ro10 carrot

    This is my best looking one, i'm ugly af