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  1. Lol good app, good luck!
  2. Best of luck! Always curious what goals someone has right now for their account.
  3. Welcome! In the same boat regarding learning/being mentored in PvP! Hope to see you around
  4. Jollyblue

    [Accepted] FloatD

    Welcome back! Hope you stick around, almost maybe tell us a little more about yourself! Any goals in RS?
  5. I'm a scrub so I don't really know any good methods but I like to run barrows occasionally or do slayer. Trying to get the hang of rex runs too.
  6. Glad ya found us, best of luck though you should tell us a bit more about yourself or your RS history Always makes a good read.
  7. Welcome back! Awesome that you got your account back, make sure you super secure that bad boy hah. Hope you consider rejoining
  8. I had some sort of early 2000 daewoo, barely remember it.. Crap ton of miles and poor thing ended up in a ditch when I fell asleep driving (Gotta love back to back double shifts!) Driving a 2013 Subaru Impreza now, fun times!
  9. Jollyblue

    [Declined] Voldy

    Welcome and good luck! Love me some trace when the mood is right haha.
  10. So far mine has been 113 raw sea turtles for 78k - Not terrible but not great!
  11. Appreciate it! Right now just working on Slayer and casual money makers.. I SHOULD probably try for my melting cheese cape soon!
  12. Thank you everyone! Look forward to playing with you all!
  13. Jollyblue Tell us about yourself. IRL Name: Zack (Nickname Blue or Jolly!) I'm 26 years old, work in the IT industry. Got a 1 1/2 year old daughter, who has entered the 'everything is mine' phase lol.. Always been a rather casual RS player, never truly 'understood' endgame back when I was a kid, and all my accounts have always been mid-tier including this one I'm trying to build up lol. I don't really know about things like 'must do' quests or preferred levels etc. I basically just play and hope I reach that eventually. I came back to OSRS when it launched, basically just ran law runes for people for gp and then quit again cause I burnt myself out after making a stack lol. Now i'm back and slowly getting my account build up again! Clan history. How did you hear about us? Reddit Do you plan to join? Yep already applied! Any last comments? Just hope to have some fun, learn new things and HOPEFULLY be able to take on some sort of boss at some point with you all! I'd like to become experienced in PvM fights and work my way into PvP type encounters eventually!
  14. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Jollyblue What is your current RS name? Jollyblue List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? What is your total level and combat level? 1458 and 99 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Enjoyed original rs, and then RS2 when it was a thing back during my middle school days. Quit like most when EoC came out, returned when OSRS was released. Always enjoyed the nostalgia I can get from the game along with always having something to do. Some days I work on slayer none stop, other days I might go skill up mining or wcing. I enjoy the game casually but I do play almost every day for a few hours. Jollyblue was a nickname I was given in school that just followed into my adult life. It was a play on how I always seemed super happy to all my friends (jolly) but around those times I was suffering from depression (blue). Also my favorite color is blue hah. I enjoy trying to make gp and grow my account, all skills are enjoyable though depending on the mood I may only grind out a level a day hahah. Tell us about your clan history. None really, in-between my time on osrs and rs2(3) I mostly just joined random clans for the sake of having chatting buddies. Never truly participated in clan activities before, wondering if now might be a good chance to change that. Tell us about your yourself. IRL name is Zack but I go by Blue or Jolly. Male. 26. East coast United States. Got that associates in IT my guy! I work as an IT Analyst for a logistics company, just got promoted actually! Overall enjoy gaming, RPGs especially but enjoy shooters too like APEX. Not huge on things like League or Dota etc. Also like most EDM/dance music, used to shuffle a lot not so much anymore. How did you hear about us? Reddit thread What makes you want to join us? From the reddit thread I found you all on, your community sounded friendly and like a good well rounded clan that I could try to be a part of. While I'm not as hardcore in terms of gaming anymore as I used to be (between job, bills, daughter, etc) I still enjoy the grind for a few hours a day if not all weekend long! I'd like to continue to skill up and reach the opportunity to try PvM with noob friendly folks and hopefully become someone that others could rely on for such content. PvP is on the table as well though that would come after PvM. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Nada, my worst trait is I just tend to lurk but try to engage in chatting when I see an interesting topic!
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