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  1. Hey Tony, welcome to WG!
  2. Hey Kenny, welcome to WG!
  3. Capany

    [Accepted] Hr a

    Welcome to WG, fellow ESTer!
  4. Welcome to WG! A fellow aficionado of IRC from the SwiftKit days... good times!
  5. Capany

    [Accepted] Bjz

    Yo, welcome to WG fellow west coaster!
  6. Capany

    [Accepted] v9v

    Hey Damien, welcome to WG!
  7. Capany

    [Accepted] M e w

    Welcome to WG Ry!
  8. Welcome to WG!!
  9. Capany

    [Declined] DrDougy

    Welcome to WG Tyson, you'll find lots of military folks here too!
  10. Welcome back to WG Will!
  11. Capany

    [Accepted] Ez Naj

    Welcome to WG!
  12. Welcome to WG, this is a great place to grow your PVP skills!
  13. Welcome to WG. Nice ironman account.
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