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  1. Welcome back brother glad too see you came back! Somehow some way most people always find their way back! Nice too meet ya im Gwap
  2. Can't wait to get you on more pk trips brother! We have been doing really good lately more and more numbers more organized and precise killing. Glad you decided to apply SUPPORT
  3. Yooooooooo bro !!! Glad to see you quickly applied:) Very nice application!! Hope to see you accepted within the first 48 THE BOYS ARE BACCC
  4. Your fucking bannnnnnnnnnnnner bro hahaha
  5. It would be good to get more members who enjoy doing cox and tob and not asshats that only do it with select few people.. Welcome to WG hope to see you around!
  6. Gwap Gang

    [Accepted] Effayy

    Welcome to WG looking forward to pvming with you !
  7. Welcome glad you applied Goodluck!
  8. Welcome to WG Goodluck on your application I was with infinity myself and brother let me tell you... They do not know how to run a clan Lmfao!
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