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  1. DugDimDome

    ew u smell

    Ah a fellow Ohioan! Welcome Joey, come pk with us!
  2. Welcome back! Definitely come out and pk with us and learn as much as possible. Pvm is always good too of course
  3. DugDimDome

    [Accepted] Pyf

    Welcome Pyf! Very detailed on the personal side lol, I think what Try guy is trying to say, is more of the RS side of you and whatnot, either way welcome! Glad to see we have another pker
  4. No, I'm seeing alot of Gurt and Smoke.. but i'm going to go with the single post in the thread on the page with CORBULA
  5. Welcome! Look forward to pking with you. You’ll definitely have plenty of backup on those 4v1s and or small man fights I’m sure. Welcome and good luck!
  6. Idk him Jk would be a great addition to both pvm teams and the pk squad. He’s the one who showed and got me into RS and back into OSRS. And majority of the things I know are from him
  7. DugDimDome

    B e w b i

    As Mew said you can always schedule your own best accommodating your schedule. Welcome! Glad to see you joined and got that app in. You’ll learn plenty here don’t worry! Pretty diverse and friendly clan
  8. Welcome Shane! Great to have another pker on board, love the confidence in your pk skills haha. Hope to see you out there clearing teams with us. Best of luck with your app!
  9. DugDimDome

    Marinus Pk

    Welcome to WG, glad you found us. Another pker is always welcome
  10. Welcome Tim, glad you found us. Goodluck on your application!
  11. DugDimDome


    App looks alittle short, put alittle more into it, more about you, RS side of things you can put some personal but you are not obligated to so dont feel as if you need to! Nonetheless welcome and good luck with your app!
  12. Welcome David! like frog said, it’s rare to find a place, especially in OSRS, that isn’t toxic and is a friendly loving clan. You’ll likely see that relatively shortly with your time here. I myself am also someone who loves to raid and get some PvM content in during free time I’d love to go some time, if you have time to in those small durations you mentioned you play! Look forward to seeing/talking to you in game
  13. Gz bro awesome to see for the first, leagues or not! Now for the main game FC
  14. Welcome Sarah! Kinda a dumb reason to kick someone IMO in regards to the other clan lol. Luckily nobody likes the disrespect piece and isn’t really normal to happen here and if it does is handled. Goodluck on the app and look forward to seeing you in game and at events! (Pkpkpk)
  15. Welcome (officially?) I think anyone can be a dick if provoked, I know personally I am lmao. Goodluck with the app !
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