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  1. Hey welcome! Nice app man, dope on the Evo, got any pics?!
  2. Welcome! Would love to see you out in the wildy with us. Former military myself too, what branch?
  3. Noob come pk dont panick and run from pkers but fight em with. THE BOYS. Jkjk (not, come pk) convince Andy next to put his application in and switch back to OSRS (or join on RS3 side)
  4. DugDimDome

    [Accepted] clams

    Welcome! Always love seeing another pker can’t wait to get you out there with us! srt smells like poop though be careful
  5. Welcome! Maybe now you can join us pking and not be the one pk’d.
  6. Hey welcome back! Always good to see another Ohio guy in here
  7. I'd been thinking about this for a decent little while now, and been meaning/wanting to make a post for this, and what better time than now? First, I'd bounced around from clan to clan, and it was just that, just a clan, nothing special, nothing crazy, same few people in voice on discord and it never grew in size or community or impact. I'd been playing maybe.. six to eight months in that time frame and luckily I met @o mew in the last clan I was in. Who has become one of my closest friends in RS, and guided me here to WG which has turned into not only an amazing experience, amazing clan, and met some really awesome people, but it's become a family in a sense and for me in a time where I was pretty burnt out already and becoming bored of the game. It/you all have brought that excitement into it that I was missing. I've learned so much, from raids, to other bossing content, skilling methods, and man. The Pking. Before I joined the Wilderness Guardians, I pretty much avoided the wilderness as a whole. I'd venture out time to time and pk with some people but lord knows I had no clue what I was doing. Joining WG I've grown to absolutely love it, and the pkers in this clan. Who have all been patient and helped me grow and learn even to today. Specifically I want to thank @Skeet for that as he's helped really mentor me for a good while now. I've messaged him, constantly asking for tips advice what i'm doing wrong what I can do better, different mechanics and tactics help calling in trips you name it, I've probably asked him. Not only has he given be a response, but it is a detailed, lengthy, and descriptive response that I've been able to apply to my pking and has not only helped, but been a tremendous help at that and has helped me grow, consistently throughout my time here and has carried on still improving. I'd of course improve in WG and pking in general but to be where I am now, I have Skeet to thank for alot of that. But naturally the pkers, officers, warlords, leaders, MGs, and just pkers in general have helped me improve in that sense a ton. The community here truly is something different that makes the game just so much more enjoyable. Whether youre a skilling, pvmer, pker, or just in it for the chats and laughs. Everyone is friendly, helpful, jokes around and makes it truly enjoyable. I float in discord, literally all day and won't even be online just because I enjoy being apart of the community and talking to everyone so much. As I said above being a part of WG, the pvm side, I've learned how to do Cox, how to skip at olm, how to do NM efficiently, how to run TOB, all sorts of things above beyond and below. Efficient ways to boss, to raid, gear to have, using an alt for different bosses, and nobodys ever been any sort of rude or disrespectful or anything of sort if I didn't know it regardless of my levels or experience in game. They're just happy to teach and play with you. If it wasn't for WG I probably would have quit by now, so really. I just want to say thank you for being such a dope community and making this game so much more enjoyable to be on and play and talk to everyone. I hope everyone feels the same or gets to experience this to some degree in WG. Being a part of the Wilderness Guardians has been awesome. I love this clan and the people in it so again thank you !
  8. DugDimDome

    [Accepted] sznd

    Welcome! Always nice to see another pker. Hope to see you in the wildy soon
  9. Welcome back to gaming with the boys. Maybe we can sneak you out into the pvp scene and get you into it abit!
  10. Welcome Cameron! Come pk with us!
  11. welcome! Glad to see you posted the app, come pk with us!
  12. Welcome! Come out to the wilderness and get in on some of that action with us whether it be pvming the bosses as a team or pking! Look forward to seeing you around man
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