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  1. Welcome, good luck with app. look forward to seeing you out there pking with us down the road.
  2. DugDimDome


    Welcome back, goodluck with everything.. Nice seeing you at nightmare already with everyone yesterday
  3. Welcome, look forward to seeing you in the wildy with us.. What branch of the military were you in? I'm in the Marines myself currently, and get out next thursday!
  4. DugDimDome


    Welcome, please don’t stab me, thanks
  5. Welcome Derek, what state did you wrestle in/what weightclass? I was a wrestler myself
  6. Glad you found the forums, can’t speak for the app managers but may want to put alittle more effort into it Otherwise goodluck
  7. Welcome Smoke, nice app. If you do ever come to a time you quit don't stake it! Keep it, you never know if you may come back or not. That nostalgia could hit at any time and draw you right back in. Look forward to seeing you the pvm side of the things, maybe we can get you out pking abit too?!
  8. Are you looking to take strictly learners only or some with experience as well to help balance it out. My times work with yours for the most part you know already so, I’ll tag along if you want some who know how to do COX
  9. I'll play some rocket league with you sometime, if you're gold in rocket league I'd play casuals with you, myself and Mr. Mask have played together abit. but ranked wouldn't work out well for us i'm in diamond rn.
  10. Welcome, another pker to add to the squad then I see. Look forward to seeing you out in the wildy with us, goodluck with the app
  11. Welcome! What’s your favorite dog? (Blue nose pit for me)
  12. Ah so you met MasterBaites. Nice nice. Goodluck with RC being that first 99, phew. Respect for that one my man. If youre new to the membership side of things please feel free to ask any questions you may have, its a massive new side of things!
  13. Welcome Jason! We do a large variety of pvm, raiding, bossing, pking, everything in game you could think of. Glad you decided to put an application in and join the fam, hope to see you raiding and bossing soon. Goodluck with the application
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