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  1. Welcome Grizzly! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. Pker, you're not bad enough to die to a Zamorak mage. I mean I doubt you'll die to a Pker too, but I think you'll ego it when you're undergeared.
  3. Dying by greeding to do a wilderness clue step.
  4. Anyone have a link to what items this can be used on or what is worth even using it on?
  5. Anything dairy is heavenly, and that is coming from someone who is lactose intolerant...
  6. Man OTY

    [Declined] xNiko

    Welcome xNiko! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. So happy for you guys, grats!
  8. Welcome Brian! Hope you enjoy the CC as much as I have been these past few weeks!
  9. God damn, you made it look so easy on those player flicks... Congratulations on the cape!
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