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  1. You only get better at 1ticking by being constantly thrown into the situation over and over, just like anything else in this game. Dont worry about it, eventually you'll get more comfortable with it. As for the supplies; I was a lot like you when i was doing Inferno, and i'm here to tell you- USE YOUR GODDAMN SUPPLIES! There is some nuance to this, personally i'd rather restart if i had to choose between brewing at wave 30 or planking, but especially once you hit around wave 50-ish, do not hesitate to click yellow. Waves 50 and up are when shit really starts to hit the fan, and these are the waves that you saved your brews for in the first place. Good luck
  2. Yep, thats exactly what you do. Run out from middle, pray range and then 1t flick. In the future, if you ever have questions for solves, its probably better to ask in #pvm-discussion in Discord. You'll probably get a faster response, although posting it here is nice to show your progression. Keep it up
  3. lol nah i lost my job cuz of COVID. I have my associates degree in computer tech and have my A+ Certification. Unfortunately, companies dont give a shit about either of those things if you dont have actual experience in the field. You know how it goes, can't get hands-on experience at a job in the field because everyone requires you to somehow have hands-on experience before you get the job.
  4. Im unemployed right now, but i used to be a security guard at Target. I've been trying to get into the I.T field for years now, with no luck.
  5. Personally I can't stand smithing, it puts me to sleep. I'd actually rather do runecrafting
  6. I know its probably hard to pick, but do your best! I'll start:
  7. I'm not really an anime watcher, but i have watched a handful of them. One Punch Man and Hunter x Hunter 2011 are my two favorite
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