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  4. Oi, this nerd! What up mane, welcome!
  5. We got it! I'll probably still end up learning on my zerk account for a greater challenge, but for now I'm happy with just being able to beat it once.
  6. Haven't updated this in a minute, but had 2 attempts at Zuk recently, made it to healers both times! Died to a Zuk ball trying to attack a healer and dragged behind the shield, 2nd my blowpipe noodled and I took too much damage from the healers and couldn't kill them. 3rd times the charm or so they say! Will have this bad boy soon. Then I can learn on a lower level account lol
  7. Yeah I'll start asking in discord more, was getting late and getting stomped didn't feel good lmao. I'm glad I tried to do the right thing at least, im just horrible at 1 ticking so ill probably have to practice that more. Getting close though, I can feel it! The early waves are starting to feel smooth, hoping to be able to crack the later ones soon. I have this issue where I don't want to use any of my supplies, and I feel like I should be more comfortable using them to get more practice at the later waves until I can become more proficient. Thank you for the tips! It's been most helpful throughout this grind!
  8. Was having a pretty good run until I got a stack I had not encountered yet and haven't had a chance to practice: From what I could gather from guides on YouTube, I should run out from the middle of the pillar praying range, then start one tick flicking the blob? Looking for some advice from anyone familiar with this set up, I'd hate to get in the situation again and try to practice the wrong thing if that's not the correct answer to this scenario.
  9. Welp! Decided to move gear to my main and be a better member for the clan haha. But wow, what a difference gear and stats make... I made so many mistakes on my first run after hopping to my main, Hhb. First attempt made it to Zuk. Granted I knew I'd fail getting there with just 2 brews, but won't complain. My restores were dwindling as well, even with a much higher prayer level. Definitely struggled with the waves I haven't had a chance to practice yet in the 60s, but I think with more practice and a little luck with better spawns I'll have this done in no time. Had some really shitty spawns the run I made it to the end as well. Super pumped and looking forward to getting that cape finally after 5 years lol.
  10. PB at wave 56 tonight! Making small progress. Messed up a 2 tick flick on a blob with a mage and got chunked :c.
  11. A pic of my little pup before we could take him home. Got to see him at 3 weeks, his eyes weren't even fully open yet.
  12. Very detailed and nice application! Welcome man!
  13. I'm honestly beginning to think I have a serious caffeine problem. Recently, I'll drink a cup of coffee or 2, or an energy drink or something of the sorts while I'm gaming at night trying to stay up to adjust for my next shift time and end up falling asleep immediately after like I had not drank anything. TLDR: Yes, probably should get checked out for a serious caffeine problem too lol.
  14. Thanks all! I'll definitely be bugging all the cape havers for advice soon! I don't have a lot of questions yet. Had a few attempts over the week and haven't made it past the mid 50s yet, but getting good practice with the lower waves and able to save all my supplies most of the time. Been recording all my runs and learning from them. I'll most likely post some of the clips of the later waves when I'm struggling with them to try and get advice for the best solves.
  15. Hello! I want to have a place for my progress on the inferno on my zerker. I never was really gunning for an infernal cape until this last league. After realizing I could manage Zuk, I decided it would be worth trying to learn the waves. My current PB is wave 52 and I hadn't really learned much and definitely haven't been able to consistently reach that far yet. The gear I am currently making attempts with: I've only done a handful of attempts currently, but I'll officially start counting now for the sake of progress. Any tips from cape havers would be greatly appreciated, but I realize may be different considering the gear I have to work with. Thank you for your time! I just wanted to share the beginning of my hopefully not too long journey and I will keep updating as I go!
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