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  1. welcome man, feel free to @ me when u pk or join up with myself and a few others regularly pking outside of calendar events
  2. man i would love to come on some PK trips with you, however i'm under the impression that my application has to be fully accepted before i can join on PK trips, however if that i'snt the case then PLEASE add me to your disc. lol MAN you're more than welcome, ill try to do a few more from time to time, all depends on the pk drops
  3. @s m o k e ah its you who told me to join, i couldnt remember you character name thanks bud
  4. thank you pal nice to come accross people as helpful as this group even at such an early stage even prior to joining officially, i love there isnt so much toxticity and yh @Guisep69 took me a while lol really didn't thjink id see the light at the end of the tunnel tbh lol
  5. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Ranger SMD What is your current RS name? Ranger SMD List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? combat level ATM is 96 but will be going up as i'm currently skilling and i haven't got my 99s yet. total level is 1149. my acc is a pure pvp base poor excuse but still explains the poor stats. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. /my acc name is ranger SMD, S = see M = me D= die. i originall
  6. Ranger SMD Tell us about yourself. My name IRL is Andre, 30 yrs of age, avid gamer started on PC back in the day with the old school box with a flat disc drive lol playing space invaders at the peak of its era haha, moved onto Diablo 2 for a period of time and over to XBOX and now back to pc originally played RS before there was even an 07 RS or a RS3 or OSRS back then we just called it RS. I unfortunately quit back then due to the conversion and my main was forced into RS3, which to those who thoroughly enjoy it fair play to you, however as a pure PVPer i couldn't enjoy
  7. Hey guys, so my name IRL is andre, i quit Runescape approximately 7-8 yrs ago when RS3 became a thing, im a pure PVP account. looking to Max out and become a part of a community rather than just a solo act, ive dipped into a few cc's but non of which are really a community soooooo that being said hope youre all good and we can go on an aswsome journey through RS. PS please can i get into A PVP CC
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