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  1. Welcome fellow stoner, hope to see you around!!
  2. Welcome you've come to the right place!
  3. Welcome, hopefully you can join, but you probably must be willing to get to 95CMB.
  4. From space, we all came riding as little microbe life on an asteroid. On the planet you say? The netherlands, but that's the boring answer isn't it.
  5. Definitely Runecrafting, it's boring and tedious....
  6. Currently one right now, but I got a giant ass TV screen I can use as a secondary if need be. Also two tablets, and phones help if you just need to quickly search something.
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Lord Seijan What is your current RS name? Lord Seijan List any previous RS names: Lord Safilo What is your total level and combat level? 1436 and 103 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Long time PVMER, not hardcore, or any type of remotely good, heavily interested in pking. Did mostly skilling though, while relaxing and enjoying music, or chatting. Other than that been playing since at least 07, if not slightly before that. Tell us about your clan history. I been a part of WG, but became inactive, so I am back now, wanting to rejoin! So please, lemme back in, just do it manz! Other than that I had never joined any other clans, just WG. Tell us about your yourself. I have a gorgeous fiance, and she has a kid boy, under 10. He's a shining light in my life, as well as she is. I love life, and I love to share it with others. I smoke weed, listen to metal and rock, playing videogames, enjoying life in general! How did you hear about us? OSRS Forums What makes you want to join us? Been in the clan before, and wanted to rejoin this nice group of epic people. I enjoyed every minute with you guys, made bonk, and even did my first bit of PVPing. All thanks to you guys! Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Nothing to come clean about, I have a clean record, which I am very proud off.
  8. Damn that's some nice bonk you made, gz!
  9. Welcome my friend, this might be just the clan for you then!
  10. I love Anime, have watched quite a bit so far, unfortunately no list yet, but soon. I will share it when I do.
  11. Currently doing several hours a day at wyverns, it's decent, depending on how long you go, it can easily get you a bond a day. P.S also attending corp events got me like a quick 22 to 23m so far in 2 events, so that's damn nice.
  12. Welcome buddy, hope you have a great time here, like I am.
  13. I changed my application a tad bit, but generally I am just your generic gamer, that smokes weed, loves life, and his to be wife.
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